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Validation of business processes need to be via simple, yet powerful scripting tools, which empower complex test assertions, created with just a couple of clicks.

Additionally, there should be an integration into DevOps pipelines (Jenkins, UrbanCode, etc.), so that users can embed automated testing in the development process and increase the quality of deliveries.

HCL OneTest UI enables testers to take automation all the way from mainframe terminals with 3270 interfaces, through .NET- and Java-based thick client applications.

Additionally, it works with the latest top browsers, ERP systems such as SAP and Oracle, right up to HTML5-based responsive web applications that are built on modern frameworks like Angular, React and Vue.js.

Learn more about HCL OneTest UI or schedule a demo.

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To achieve success in quality testing in a short duration of time, generating synthetic data becomes essential. Test data is a critical part of any app testing.