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Testers are tasked with testing and managing large volumes of data. Data generation for application testing is important for DevOps teams because it enables them to run comprehensive tests, increase testing efficiency, and reduce data privacy risk.

Let’s look at an example. Say you have 10,000 virtual users simultaneously trying to check out their shopping carts online and purchase their items. Your DevOps team needs to ensure that each user does not use the same credentials. Data generation automatically creates data sets suited for all test scenarios and provides an open modeling mechanism to use flexible methods to model the data needed.

More importantly, data generation for application testing avoids production intrusion. Production data usually can’t be used because it might include sensitive data, it might be too large, or it might not be available. Data generation eliminates the need to tap into production systems to extract potentially sensitive real-world information.

Check out our featured demo which includes insights on performance, API, UI and functional testing, and how HCL DevOps Test Hub has proved successful to help users achieve their data models and definitions to effectively generate tests and scenarios for application testing.

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