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In the world of Oracle implementation and managed services, automated testing acts as the precision pit crew, making lightning-fast decisions and executing flawlessly. Much like an F1 team relies on skilled crew members for tire changes, automated testing swiftly identifies and rectifies code imperfections, ensuring every part works in perfect harmony, just like an F1 car's engine and aerodynamics.

The outcome? Software that not only excels in quality but also streamlines development, saving valuable time and resources. Just as an F1 team gains an edge on the track, integrating automated testing offers a distinctive advantage in the tech world. It's a game-changer that propels your creations to the forefront of innovation.

However, manual testing of Oracle Cloud applications introduces its own set of challenges. Primarily, the risk of human error. The dynamic nature of Oracle Cloud application necessitates rapid adaptation to the quarterly updates, demanding a high level of agility and a robust change management process. Ensuring the security and integrity of sensitive data is important, calling for meticulous data masking and anonymization practices. This stringent approach acts as a fortress against potential breaches.

Configuring Oracle Cloud applications adds yet another layer of complexity. The high level of customization requires testers to meticulously set up precise parameters for various test scenarios. Effective collaboration and communication are pivotal, involving multiple stakeholders such as developers, business analysts, and administrators.

Furthermore, specialized modules like ERP, SCM, CRM, and HCM demand deep domain knowledge for crafting pertinent test cases. Lastly, achieving optimal performance in Oracle Cloud applications demands careful planning and execution. Manual testers must skillfully simulate diverse usage scenarios to pinpoint potential performance bottlenecks. It's a harmonious symphony of precision, ensuring your Oracle Cloud applications perform at their zenith.

To address these challenges, HCLTech Advantage TCart built HCL OneTest by HCLSoftware. Oracle Cloud applications emerged as an indispensable toolkit, boasting advanced features and tangible benefits such as enhanced speed and accelerated time-to-market. This secure suite of products facilitates the automation and execution of test scripts for applications on Oracle Cloud, making it an ideal fit for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipelines where frequent testing is imperative.

HCLTech Advantage TCart is a regression toolkit built using our automated testing tool, HCL OneTest. HCL OneTest is a scriptless, wizard-driven, test script authoring package for Oracle SaaS applications with a range of features including test case generation, test execution, and test result analysis. It can be utilized to automate business processes and has 150+ prebuilt scripts for commonly used business processes built in Oracle Cloud applications.

It reduces the test execution by 80% during quarterly patch updates and can be utilized to automate the regular functional processes.

HCLTech Advantage TCart Key Features

HCLTech Advantage TCart brings transformative advantages to the table. With its powerful capabilities, HCLTech Advantage TCart effectively streamlines the development process, significantly reducing both time and costs and offering developers an efficient and reliable means of ensuring code quality.

  • Drastically reduces the need for scripting via a simple record, enhance, and execute model
  • Facilitates automated testing of responsive web applications, capable of handling complex HTML elements
  • Packed with ready-to-use built-in test scripts across various modules of Oracle Cloud Applications
  • Reduces cost by detecting issues and bugs early when they’re inexpensive to fix
  • Enhanced speed and coverage for automated testing rather than error-prone manual testing

HCL OneTest Key Features

HCL OneTest helps in yielding better quality products, improves speed and coverage, and simplifies teamwork. Additionally, key features on OneTest include:

  • More comprehensive testing to perform end-to-end testing of any kind of interface
  • Code-free testing so its simpler and faster to test
  • Extends and integrates with open-source software
  • Yields high-quality products thanks to better coverage and faster feedback
  • Share tests seamlessly with the HCL OneTest Server collaboration framework

Why rely on this toolkit?

  • The well-equipped toolkit brings down test execution efforts by nearly 80%, which can dramatically improve time-to-market for your applications.
  • HCLTech Advantage TCart is now listed on Oracle Cloud Marketplace and is available for customers globally. Oracle Cloud Marketplace is an online store where customers discover, test, buy and deploy partner business applications built on and integrated with Oracle Cloud, that complement their existing Oracle Cloud products. Before publishing, these applications are reviewed thoroughly by respective Oracle product teams to ensure necessary parameters are complied with including performance, security, scalability, etc. Oracle Cloud Marketplace publication provides good market visibility for our applications and a validation of our expertise in developing solutions around Oracle SaaS and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
  • The toolkit can be validated and extended to other Oracle Cloud modules like Customer Experience (CX), Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), and Oracle Transportation Management (OTM).
  • It ensures seamless automation with the predefined test cases for Oracle Fusion Cloud.
  • Users can access an in-house team of technical experts to help with training and enablement via the HCL Software Academy.
  • You can also get access to product management and development teams.
  • Businesses benefit from HCLTech’s 24/7 support. Support is included as part of the license cost.

Learn more about HCLTech Advantage TCart or connect with our experts to learn more.

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