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Validating a system’s APIs across a range of network protocols and message formats is a must these days.

Test cases have to be created to examine individual exchanges within larger transactions. And, this should be done in a non-intrusive manner using the same technologies for recording and service virtualization.

HCL OneTest API triggers and validates a system’s APIs across a range of network protocols and message formats.

HCL OneTest API provides a scripting-free environment for developing tests for enterprise messaging and business process integration projects. HCL OneTest API’s authoring environment provides the ability to use the same tools for environment discovery, system modelling and message recording to provide baseline data for creating tests.

Sample messages can be created and referenced in multiple test cases for maximum reusability. These messages can be used as templates, enabling simple updates for a group of tests, and shared validation rules allow re-use of validations across multiple test cases.

Learn more about HCL OneTest API or schedule a demo.

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Secure DevOps | May 31, 2023
We're Attending EuroSTAR 2023!
HCLSoftware is a proud sponsor of EuroSTAR this year! This conference will be held on June 13 – 16, 2023 in Antwerp, Berlin. HCLSoftware will be presenting the industry-leading DevOps Portfolio.
Automation | May 22, 2023
HCL DevOps Are Sponsors of Agile + DevOps West!
You're invited as HCLSoftware DevOps takes the floor in Las Vegas, NV on June 4-9 at Agile + DevOps West 2023.
Secure DevOps | December 21, 2022
Transparent Remoting and Other Cool Features With HCL OneTest 10.5.1
HCLSoftware is pleased to announce the release of HCL OneTest 10.5.1. The new release offers exciting features that will enhance your OneTest testing experience.