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HCL AppScan SCA team was looking for a solution to monitor the performance of the Software Composition Analysis Engine, luckily, the team benefited from the easy-to-use and robust HCL OneTest platform for both functional and performance testing. The HCL OneTest Performance product can integrate directly with the Jenkins platform, display the result on the Garfana dashboard while pushing the data to Prometheus, and run daily performance tests – including overnight tests.

The goal for the HCL AppScan SCA team was to run their automated regression suite for the static Software Composition Analysis (SCA) product and AppScan on Cloud (ASoC) APIs on a daily basis to capture any inaccuracy in our end-to-end process. The objectives for using HCL OneTest Performance included the following:

  • Monitor the performance of the SCA Engine including memory and CPU usage
  • Perform the load testing which confirms that the system can handle the required number of users and still operate at an elevated level of performance
  • Perform volume/data testing checks that the software can handle and process a large amount of data at once without breaking, slowing down, or losing any information
  • Perform stress testing that intentionally tries to break the software by simulating several users that exceed expectations
  • Monitor performance trends over time – to alert to any degradation
  • Run an automated regression suite

With HCL OneTest Performance, the HCL AppScan SCA team created their pipeline project on Jenkins, saved the result in .json format, and later fed the data to Prometheus where Grafana displayed the information on the dashboard. After implementing our automated software testing tool, HCL OneTest Performance, the HCL Appscan SCA team was able to detect all environment defects at an early stage and prepared a matrix to visually track the data.

Process of capturing the performance of system

Further positive results from HCL OneTest Performance included integrating custom Java code that helped the HCL AppScan SCA team achieve their testing goals. Overall, the HCL OneTest Performance solution achieved the following:

  • Speed – Determines whether the application responds quickly
  • Scalability – Determines the maximum user load that the application can handle
  • Stability – Determines if the application is stable under varying loads
  • Flexibility –Easily integrates into an existing, overall ecosystem and contributes performance insights to an existing reporting capability around Prometheus and Grafana

Learn more about HCL OneTest Performance.

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