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As part of its wider DevOps v2024.03 portfolio, HCLSoftware is pleased to announce a new version of our automated software testing product, DevOps Test 11.0.1. DevOps Test continues to deliver new capabilities and customer enhancement requests. These capabilities support our changing technology environment and improve the DevOps lifecycle.

So, what are the new noticeable features in version 11.0.1? Let’s break it down by platform.

DevOps Test Hub

Database support for generating test data

With the continued increase of data needed for testing purposes, it is now possible to use datasets that are directly connected to databases. Once the connection with the database is configured, a dataset can retrieve data dynamically at execution time, or it is also possible to generate static datasets directly from database content, before a test starts, for example.

Database support for generating test data

Redesigned security page

Listening to feedback from our users about the security information organization, a new Security page is now available within the project, and hosts all actions and assets around encrypted datasets, API secrets, and database connections, allowing administrators to define classifications and associated permissions.

Redesigned security page

Enhanced Grafana integration

The Grafana integration has been enhanced in several ways. First, the DevOps Test data source plugin has been made much easier to configure, avoiding the CORS option that was required before (allowedOrigins option now unused), and making the UI better in Grafana. Second, it is now possible to use this integration to display collected resource monitoring statistical data observed during a test execution by DevOps Test Hub.

Enhanced Grafana integration

For more details on the HCL DevOps Test Hub, see the release notes here.

DevOps Test UI

Creation of tests from wireframes

Integrated with DevOps Test UI, we deliver an AI vision model allowing users to build tests based on designs, whether from rough designs or high fidelity mockups. The engine that recognizes controls on mockups has been enhanced and trained, allowing for better object recognition, and we have improved and simplified the UI to create tests from designs.

Enhanced CI/CD plugin

It is now possible to run DevOps Test UI tests through an agent in disconnected mode for Jenkins, DevOps Deploy, Ant or Azure DevOps pipelines, which means that the test execution continues even when the screen becomes locked.

For more details on what’s new with DevOps Test UI, see the release notes here.

DevOps Test Performance

Dataset editor

There is a new dataset editor shipped with DevOps Test Performance, that replaces the existing CSV editor and provides the exact same experience as when editing a dataset from DevOps Test Hub.

Dataset editor

For more details on what’s new with performance testing, see the release notes here.

DevOps Test Integrations and APIs / DevOps Test Virtualization

Enhanced JSON data visualization

A new capability of visualizing JSON data has been included with DevOps Test Integrations and APIs and, in a similar fashion as with XML, presents data in a convenient way.

New command line option to fetch partial data from a database result

A new option has been added to extract results from the results database, fulfilling many different use cases, for example, to compare two responses from the same request executed in two different environments.

For more details on what’s new with integration testing and service virtualization, see the release notes here.

Please visit HCL DevOps Test for more information about our automated software testing product or get a free trial.

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