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The HCL business philosophy is based on a customer-centric approach. Thanks to our Client Advocacy Program, customers can have a direct point of contact for the test automation and service virtualization suite of products, enabling them to create a strategic relationship with our technical, management, and executive leaders. The products included are:

  • HCL DevOps Test Workbench
  • HCL DevOps Test UI
  • HCL DevOps Test Performance
  • HCL DevOps Test Integrations and APIs
  • HCL DevOps Test Virtualization
  • HCL DevOps Test Embedded
  • HCL DevOps Test Data
  • HCL DevOps Test Hub

The HCL Client Advocacy Program is based on these fundamental points:

  • A cohesive and collaborative approach to the client relationship
  • Proactive communication on product news and updates
  • Deep dive into customer business and challenges
  • Frequent interaction during the product roadmap definition and the development process

What do advocates expect from customers participating in the Advocacy Program, and what is asked?

The client’s role is to share with the Client Advocate (CA) their business needs and strategies, communicate to the CA their expectations and product experience, and share their issues and requirements. The customer might involve the CA in planning meetings to take advantage of suggestions while defining the right direction according to the business needs. CAs do not replace the official channel of support but they can be a fast path inside the development lab organization.

Building a long term strategic relationship with the advocates

The CA’s role is to facilitate the flow of information between clients and the HCL technical community.

By having regular interactions with the client, CAs become aware of the customer environment. They learn of any issues or requirements, as well as understand customer business goals and strategies.

CAs are involved in planning sessions, upgrade plans to provide assistance, or help the customer support, services, and development teams to understand the customer needs clearly.

CAs can lead technical sessions such as “ask the experts”, deliver live demos, hold question and answer sessions, and conduct open discussions about features.

Whatever the client wants to know about the test automation and service virtualization products, the CA will help provide the answers.

Client Advocacy  Program vs. paid services

The Client Advocacy  Program is a no-charge service. This means that it does not replace standard support, lab services engagements, or other paid services. We, as the Client Advocates, don’t resolve support cases, but we know the customer environment so we can help the customer support team to speed up the resolution.

Although not services consultants, they can put the customer in touch with the right team. Additionally, they are a channel to avoid the critical issues and drive customer satisfaction, and are advocates for clients inside HCL.

Interested in joining the program? Contact me at

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