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The end of 2023 is a remarkable date for the overall DevOps portfolio at HCLSoftware! As you may know already, we have built a unique and large set of products all dedicated to DevOps Automation, and renamed our offerings in a more natural way so one can see and understand at a glace what the product is for, aligned under one single release 2023.12 and grouped by pillar:

As part of DevOps Automation 2023.12, HCL DevOps Test 11.0.0 has just been released. If you are familiar with what was the HCL OneTest portfolio, we have renamed the products into HCL DevOps Test, as described in the following table:

OneTest up through 10.5.4 HCL DevOps Test 11.0.0
OneTest Performance HCL DevOps Test Performance
OneTest UI HCL DevOps Test UI
OneTest API HCL DevOps Test Integrations and APIs
OneTest Virtualization HCL DevOps Test Virtualization
OneTest Server HCL DevOps Test Hub
OneTest Studio HCL DevOps Test Workbench

In the latter half of 2023, we released new capabilities that we highlight below:

Synthetic data generation:

Included in HCL DevOps Test Hub version 10.5.4, it enables users to very easily generate data sets for testing.

  • Authoring data in the same integrated collaborative environment:
    • Data definitions
    • Datasets
  • Prebuilt, customizable data generators
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Growing data generator list

Based on pattern detection, early identification of potential issues in performance test results:

HCL DevOps Test Hub leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to understand and mitigate performance issues.

  • Automate insights, proactively identify and notify users about detected issues
  • Utilize packaged classifiers to pinpoint common performance issues, including challenging ones like 'Lock Step’
  • Streamline the identification process, addressing issues that might be challenging to spot within the extensive statistical data generated by traditional performance testing over time

HCL DevOps Test UI uses computer vision techniques:

Integrated with HCL DevOps Test UI, a new capability that leverages AI allows UI testing to shift left by offering to create automated tests earlier in the process.

  • Test creation from high fidelity designs or rough mockups
  • Provides an AI vision model allowing users to build tests based on designs
  • Once the UI is delivered, test healing when the application is available, from design to the real application

Applying that visual recognition to some design mockups:

Support for Appium 2.0 for MacOS:

DevOps UI is now bundled with Appium 2.0, which supports the latest iOS releases (v16) for mobile testing.

For more details on the HCL DevOps Test v11.0 portfolio, see the release notes.

Please visit HCL DevOps Test for more information about our software testing products or get a free trial.

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