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We at HCL OneTest have been keenly listening to feedback from you and have been bringing innovations to the table. Our latest release, HCL OneTest V10.2.3, became generally available during end of May and here is all you need to know about the new capabilities included in this release!

OneTest UI Updates: OneTest 10.2.3 adds support for running your OneTest UI browser tests in incognito mode among other features. Support has been added for reporting mobile device performance metrics such as CPU usage, memory, network traffic, battery, and more.

Device cloud support for Automated Functional Testing suite allows users to now specify device cloud service such as Perfecto, Bitbar and pCloudy for AFT suites containing mobile tests.

OneTest API Updates: Users will now benefit from increased synergy with your DevOps portfolio via new integrations, such as support for AppScan.

Secure Active Directory support has now been added and users now have an option to generate data files in CSV format. Azure DevOps users running the OneTest Studio integration can now view API test results, in Azure DevOps, from the Jobs page.

OneTest Performance Updates: This release brings new quality of life enhancements for 10.2.3.

Azure DevOps users running the OneTest Studio integration can now view performance test results, in Azure DevOps, from the Test Plans dashboard. All of our integration plugins have been further enhanced to provide additional parameters when running tests from the integrated products.


HCL OneTest Server Updates: Enjoy enhanced collaborative abilities, such as leaving feedback and observations on test results in OneTest Server via the new notes functionality. With the new Azure DevOps integration users can now create work items in Azure DevOps from test results. See the load profile on the server for a test asset created in OneTest Performance and pushed to GIT.

Log Filtering, the test log viewer now allows users to switch between a “Full Mode” and “Tester Mode” so that testers can filter out non-essential activities when reviewing test logs.

Integration support for optional parameters means that integrations with the server now support passing of all execution parameters and arguments. The server UI now allows users to see the location where virtual service instance is running

For a more exhaustive list of capabilities released please refer to the release notes here.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding HCL OneTest 10.2.3 by dropping an email to


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