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HCL OneTest, the industry-leading test automation platform, is now available in v10.5.

This latest version includes significant progress across all our HCL OneTest products – OneTest API, OneTest UI, OneTest Performance, OneTest Server and OneTest Virtualization.

Here are some of the top highlights of features now available:

HCL OneTest Server (OTS)

  • Creating an Edit branch to contain resources before committing to the repository branch

When you want to create or edit datasets or resources that are associated with components in a system model, you must now create an Edit branch, which is a temporary branch that will contain these until the time you commit or publish these to a branch in the project repository or the team space repository.

  • GitHub Actions

It is now possible to include test executions from Microsoft GitHub based workflows

For more details on this, see the GitHub marketplace here.

  • Record creation for a test result in HCL Compass

Enable users to raise issues directly into their HCL Compass workflow and track defects identified through testing.

For more details on what’s new with HCL OneTest Server, see the release notes here.

HCL OneTest Performance and HCL OneTest UI

  • Enhancements to the Jenkins plugin

You can now define the build parameters during the configuration of either Freestyle or Pipeline projects in Jenkins. You can then use those build parameters to run the Jenkins job.

  • Support to show or hide SAP GUI during the test execution

You can now set a preference on multiple tests as to whether to show or hide the SAP GUI at execution time.

  • Use regular expression to identify SAP objects during test execution

You can now use regular expressions to identify SAP GUI objects. When executing an SAP GUI test, the object identification is much easier and supports changes.

  • Copy tables from web analytics reports and paste them directly as html

You can now directly paste tables as html, understood by Microsoft Excel for example.

  • API support for updating datasets

HCL OneTest Performance now supports getValue and setValue APIs for updating datasets.

For more details on what’s new with performance testing, see the release notes here.

For more details on what’s new with UI test automation, see the release notes here:


HCL OneTest API and HCL OneTest Virtualization

  • Support for creating a data-driven stub

You can now create a data-driven stub that depends on the structure of the schema that is defined for the messages and the content combinations that you can specify.

  • Synchronizing project resources in the results database

You can now configure an option to automatically synchronize the details in the results database of the tests, suites, or stubs that were run whenever these project resources are moved or renamed.

  • Support for managing credentials

If you have external resources that must be accessed by project or test resources in HCL OneTest API and you do not want to expose the credentials used to access the external resources, then you can set up a credential management system.

For more details on what’s new with integration testing and service virtualization, see the release notes here.

Join us on Oct. 12 at 10AM EDT, for a complimentary webinar as we dive deeper into this release’s features.

About HCL OneTest

HCL OneTest is our industry leading test automation platform which covers functional testing for UIs and APIs, performance testing, service virtualization, and test data generation. With HCL OneTest you can automate faster and run tests earlier and more frequently to discover errors sooner!

Try HCL OneTest for free today!


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