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HCLSoftware is pleased to announce a new version of our automated software testing tool, HCL OneTest – v10.5.4. Our OneTest portfolio continues to deliver customer enhancement requests. These capabilities support our changing technology environment and improve the DevOps lifecycle.

So, what’s new in version 10.5.4? Let’s break it down by platform. 

HCL OneTest Server

  • Data generation:
    The data generation feature embedded in HCL OneTest Server has been fully redesigned. It focuses on data sheet creation and offers pre-packaged data types to mitigate the time users previously spent configuring data rules, offering an important productivity gain for testers.

  • Provide insights on performance test results:
    This new capability helps testers to analyze the performance test results data, which can be quite large depending on the load and the duration of tests. Using deep learning techniques, the system will scan performance test results and detect some of the classical patterns that might be issues from a performance standpoint.

  • Server-based test executions now able to use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge:
    When executing test from HCL OneTest Server, and in addition to Mozilla Firefox, test executions can now use either of the three browsers.

For more details on the HCL OneTest Server, see the release notes here.

HCL OneTest UI

  • Support for Appium 2.0 for MacOS:
    HCL OneTest UI is now bundled with Appium 2.0 for MacOS. That addresses the question of supporting the latest iOS releases (v16) for mobile testing.

  • Enhancements on read-only controls:
    It is now possible to verify whether the value of a read-only control is modified or not by running the test. Modifying such a value will make the test fail.

  • API to support reusing or deleting an existing cursor for a dataset:
    Some APIs accessible have been added to support reusing an existing cursor for an open dataset. It allows to reuse an existing cursor or delete it, in the event that it needs to be created again.

For more details on what’s new with functional test automation, see the release notes here.

HCL OneTest Performance

  • JSON in data correlation rules:
    When using the data correlation rules engine, it becomes possible to use JSONPath to find location for references and substitutions.

For more details on what’s new with performance testing, see the release notes here.

HCL OneTest API / HCL OneTest Virtualization

  • Enhance the stub details with the publisher details in the Environment dashboard:
    The Details tab of the stub instance in the Environment dashboard of HCL Quality Server has been enhanced to display the information about the latest stub published such as the name of the user and the date and timestamp of publishing.

  • HCL OneTest API agent engine logging enhanced:
    The agent engine logging is enhanced by including an instance name of the engine that is used by a stub instance. Therefore, it is now much easier for users to track precisely the root causes of issues happening with multiples instances of the same stub.

For more details on what’s new with integration testing and service virtualization, see the release notes here.

Please visit HCL OneTest for more information about our software testing tool or get a free trial.

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