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HCL RTist is a development environment for creating complex, event-driven and real-time applications. It is specifically designed to help software engineers with feature-rich tooling for design, analysis, building and deploying embedded, IoT and real-time applications.

After September 30, 2024, our real-time application development tool, HCL RTist V11.1 and V11.2 (PID=HCL18OP1179), will reach the End of Support. Customers running HCL RTist 11.1 or 11.2 are advised to upgrade to a newer product version, V11.3 or newer. The upgrade will be straightforward, and your old models should work the same way as in 11.1 and 11.2. From a migration point of view, the main difference is the supported compilers.

Get a more comprehensive list of upgrades in the different versions of HCL RTist. HCLSoftware is dedicated to delivering ultimate customer success with relentless innovation of our products.

As always, contact your HCL sales representative or email us at

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Automation | October 17, 2023
The Latest Innovation Software Update - RTist 11.3 2023.35
New versions of RTist 11.3 and 12.0 are now available, with new features such as working with multiple code snippets in the code editor, improved modeling references command, support for old C++ compilers, etc. Read more to get full details.
Secure DevOps | July 8, 2022
HCLSoftware announces release of RTist 11.2 2022.26
Read a blog announcing the release of RTist V11.2 2022.26 that went live on July 6, 2022. Learn more to have a quick look at the enhancements of this release.