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HCL RTist is an Eclipse-based modeling and development environment for creating complex, event-driven, real-time applications in C++.

It provides software engineers with feature-rich tools for designing, analyzing, building, debugging and deploying real-time applications.

Supporting the Unified Modeling Language (UML) and its real-time profile (UML-RT), RTist allows developers to design their applications at a higher abstraction level than code.

Here are some of its benefits and capabilities:

Designs at a Higher Abstraction Level than Code

  • Provides UML Real-time models, statecharts, composite structure and other diagrams
  • Utilizes a powerful Code Editor built on an Eclipse CDT
  • Realizes thread safety using state machines and message-based communication
  • Supports industrial-scale applications

Builds Executables Your Way

  • Builds applications interactively and from batch builds
  • Allows for easy setup of build configurations
  • Provides a highly-customizable run-time environment

Debugs at a High-level (Verifies Design and Detects Failures)

  • Features interactive model debugging
  • Allows for trace management and visualization
  • Provides run-time structure monitoring and behavior animation • Offers combined model and code debugging

Allows for Teamwide Collaboration

  • Supports Git and other SCM systems
  • Features an interactive and intuitive compare/merge of both model and code
  • Provides a powerful command-line interface
  • Allows models to be accessed via web browsers and linked to requirements

Analyzes the Application

  • Features navigation and search with diagram highlighting • Supports refactoring of models and code
  • Synchronizes code changes back to the model

Learn more about HCL RTist or schedule a demo.

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