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The RTist development team is pleased to announce two new releases:

  • RTist 11.2 2023.04
  • RTist 11.3 2023.04

RTist 11.3 runs on Eclipse 2022.06 with Java 17 and is now recommended for production use. In addition to core Eclipse improvements in 2022.06, there are also new versions of CDT (C/C++ Development Tooling) and EGit with some significant improvements.

Please refer to this presentation to learn more about the CDT and EGit improvements. What’s New presentation

New RTist specific features are available in both releases include Pure Virtual Operations with Bodies, Make Space Tool, and Diagram Appearance Improvements. Continue reading to learn more about each of these features.

Pure Virtual Operations with Bodies

HCL RTist Announces Two New Releases

It is now possible to provide an implementation body for a pure virtual operation using the Code View or Code Editor, and it will be translated to C++ by the Model Compiler. It can sometimes be useful to implement a pure virtual operation since such an implementation can be called from redefining operations.

Make Space Tool

HCL RTist Announces Two New Releases

Most diagrams now have a new “Make Space” tool in the palette. You can use it for moving symbols and lines away from a certain point in a diagram, so that you can make room for adding content. The symbols will move radially outwards from the clicked point, and you can keep clicking until there is enough free space in the diagram. If necessary, the diagram will automatically increase its size to fit the contents.

Diagram Appearance Improvements

HCL RTist Announces Two New Releases

The appearance of inherited and redefined elements in state machine diagrams have improved. Now, such elements are, by default, drawn with dashed lines. A special style of dashed line is used for redefined elements to make it possible to distinguish them more easily from inherited elements.

The line thickness for inherited and redefined elements is also bigger than before, but there is a new preference, RealTime Development – Diagrams – State Chart – Inherited Element Appearance – Line width, that you can set to “Small” if you prefer the previous appearance. If you, on the contrary, prefer an even more emphasis on these elements you can set the preference to “Large.”

Learn more about the new RTist features by watching the videos in our Sprint Demo YouTube Playlist.

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