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The RTist development team has been busy finalizing RTist 11.1, and today we are happy to announce its general availability for download.

The full version number is 11.1 2021.16, and at the same time we also release 11.0 2021.16, which is planned to be the last delivery on the 11.0 release track.

All new features in the 11.0 release are also present in the 11.1 release. The only exception is the OneTest Embedded integration which we will make available in the next release of RTist 11.1 (expected to arrive mid-June). Let’s have a look at the new features.

Code Preview

It’s now possible to get a preview of what generated code will look like for an individual model element. This feature can be used for understanding how changes made in the model will affect the generated code. It can also be used as a means to compare two versions of a model at code level. Simply generate a code preview for each of the model element versions and compare them.

You can also use this feature on transformation configurations to get a preview of all code and/or make files that it will generate. This can be of great help for troubleshooting build problems and to compare versions of an RTist application at code level.




OneTest Embedded Integration

The integration with HCL OneTest Embedded allows you to compute and visualize the run-time coverage of state machines in your application. For example, it can be used for finding states and transitions of a state machine that are not covered by current tests.

In this release a number of usability improvements were made, in particular in the Model Coverage viewer. For example, you can now choose to show coverage graphically in only some of the state chart diagrams.




Again, remember that the OneTest Embedded integration currently only supports Eclipse 2019.06 and hence it’s not yet included in RTist 11.1.

Support for Internal Transitions in Tracing

The model debugger now correctly handles internal transitions when tracing. When an internal transition runs, the active state remains unchanged and this is now reflected in the trace.

Eclipse Improvements

As always, one of the main benefits with a new major version of RTist is a full year’s accumulated improvements in Eclipse that now can be used in RTist. In addition to core Eclipse improvements in 2020.06 there are also new versions of CDT and EGit with some significant improvements. See the first few slides of the What’s New presentation for links to information about all these improvements (they are too many to list here).

Finally, note that RTist 11.1 now supports being run with Java 11. Java 8 is still supported, but since newer versions of Eclipse only will support Java 11 we recommend that you switch to using Java 11 as soon as possible. Overall the performance of Java 11 is also better compared to Java 8.

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