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We are proud to announce the release of RTist V11.2 2022.26 that went live on July 6, 2022.

Keep reading to learn about some of the updates you will get in this release. We would also like to invite you to meet us virtually on September 28, 2022, by signing up for the RTist TechConnect here: You will get to meet the RTist development team and current customers as well as be a part of roadmap presentations.

Let’s have a quick look at the enhancements that are part of this release:

Copy-Paste from Project Explorer View

Previously copying a name of a named element such as a Capsule, an Operation, or a Diagram was a bit cumbersome, but starting from sprint 2022.26 it can be done with a standard Copy command in Project Explorer view, which can be invoked with a toolbar button, top/context menu or a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+C). Copied names can be pasted anywhere, no matter if you want them in the Code View or in a chat with your colleague. And yes, you can copy as many names as you like with a single command, they all will be pasted into separate lines.

Automatic Removal of Trailing Whitespace

Another improvement that makes the code cleaner is a new preference to automatically delete all whitespace at the end of the lines.

Automatic Removal

If this setting is enabled, then whenever you save the code snippet in the Code Editor or commit changes to the model in the Code View all trailing whitespace characters will be removed from all the lines.

New Code to Model Synchronization Setting

Code to model synchronization dialog pops up every time RTist detects that generated code has been updated and asks the user if they want to propagate the changes made to the generated code back to the model. One of the checkboxes available in that dialog, allows saving the model immediately after it was updated with the changes from the generated code. Now the state of this checkbox is controlled by a new preference in RealTime Development -> Code To Model Synchronization

Synchronization Setting

This becomes handy when you want to control the state in which the dialog appears for the first time in a new workspace since the dialog will remember user’s choices for future invocations.

Automatic Creation of Working Sets by External Projects Importer

Automatic Creation of Working Sets

External Projects Import view got a new feature. Now it will automatically create 2 workings sets when importing the projects. The projects a user has selected for import will get into the first working set named after the project that was selected first, and all their recursive dependent projects will be added to the second working set named like the first one plus “dependencies” suffix.

Support for Namespace Separator in Operation names

We have improved operation names’ parser so it can handle tricky cases correctly. For example, if you want to define a cast operator, which would cast an object to an inner class or enum defined inside another class. In this case, the operation name should be operator OuterClass::InnerEnum such and other operations containing namespace separator (::) are now handled by RTist correctly.

We hope you enjoy using HCL RTist 11.2 as much as we enjoyed creating it. Click here to get a free trial!

Have a great summer!

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