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HCLSoftware continues to be at the forefront of technology advancements with the latest HCL RTist release. HCL RTist is a development environment for C++. It provides software engineers with powerful tools for designing, analyzing, building, debugging, and deploying real-time applications. It enables them to create event-driven, real-time applications.

Look at What’s New in This Release

The RTist development team has just finalized another release of RTist called 11.3 2023.13. These improvements include both bug fixes and new features.

1. Port Instance Tracing

Port Instance Tracing

The Model Debugger now supports tracing individual port instances. Add a port instance to the Capture table in the Trace editor by drag/drop from the Debug view or use the Add button. Events sent or received on the port instance will appear in the Trace tab.

2. All Code Editor

All Code Editor

When you open the Code Editor using the Show Source in Editor command, you can choose to let it contain all code snippets for the selected element. Having all code for an element in a single editor reduces the number of open editors. This can provide a better overview of all code associated with an element. Please note, currently this is an experimental feature and to use it you must first enable it on the Experimental Features preference page.

3. Navigation to Inherited Elements

Navigation to Inherited Elements

It’s now possible to navigate to inherited states, transitions and ports by means of the diagram context menu. Previously, this command was only available for redefined elements, but now it also works for inherited elements that are not redefined. Navigation will take place to the Project Explorer and from there you can go to the diagram that shows the inherited element using the context menu command Navigate – Navigate to Diagram.

4. Warning if Attribute Default Values are Ignored


The model compiler will now print a warning if it detects an attribute with a default value that has the property “Initializer Kind” set to “Constructor,” but where no constructor will be generated. This helps to detect inconsistent properties early and can avoid run-time surprises caused by situations where an attribute doesn’t get initialized as expected.

Learn more about the new features by watching the videos on our Sprint Demo YouTube Playlist.

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Secure DevOps | July 26, 2023
New Version Release: HCL RTist 11.3 2023.27
HCL RTist is a development environment for creating complex, event-driven and real-time applications. Read the blog to see what’s new in the latest version.