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HCL RTist is a development environment for creating complex, event-driven and real-time applications. It is specifically designed to help software engineers with feature-rich tooling for design, analysis, building and deploying embedded, IoT and real-time.

See What’s New in the Latest Version

The new release RTist 11.3 2023.27 is now available. Let’s look at some of the improvements in the release.

Searching in Inheritance Hierarchies

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You can now search in the scope of an element plus all elements it inherits from. For example, select a class and search for an attribute or operation with a certain name. It will then be found even if it’s defined in one of the base classes.

You can search in inheritance hierarchies from the Search field by means of the new scope called “Selection + Inherited”. From the Search dialog you can accomplish the same thing by means of a new “Include Inherited” checkbox.

Build All Command

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CDT provides a command “Build All” for building all C++ projects in the workspace. However, when working with RTist, it’s recommended to instead build transformation configurations which will first generate C++ code and a makefile from the model, and then invoke make on the makefile.

Because of this we decided to remove the “Build All” command from the toolbar in the UML Development perspective. It was confusing to have the button for this command right next to the “Build Active Transformation Configuration” button, and users reported that they sometimes accidentally clicked the wrong button. You can customize the UML Development perspective if you want to add back the “Build All” command to the toolbar.

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The refactoring to create a model fragment now correctly handles the “Workspace and external projects” scope. All references to the element will be updated according to the created fragment.

Configurable Model Compiler Validation Rules

The work to allow model compiler validation rules to be configurable was continued in this release and now there are in total 5 validation rules that can be configured. Read more about this feature here.

Learn more about the new features by watching our Sprint Demo YouTube Playlist videos.

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