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The RTist development team is happy to announce that a new release of RTist now is available: 11.2 2022.34. Let’s look at a few of the many improvements in this release.


Inline Attributes

Inline Attributes







RTist now supports inline attributes and translates them to inline variables in C++. An inline variable is either global or static and can be defined and initialized in a header file. That header file can then be used from multiple compilation units without getting a linker error. Note that this feature requires that you set the code standard to at least C++ 17.

Importing Dependent External Projects


External Projects






A new preference on the External Projects preference page can be set in order to automatically import dependent projects found by analyzing prerequisites of TCs in imported projects. This feature works both when importing external projects from the External Projects Import view, and when searching in external projects. If you currently maintain map files for importing dependent projects that directly correspond to TC prerequisites, you can now stop doing so, and save time by using this new feature instead.

Drag/drop Support from More Views

Drag/drop Support





It’s now possible to directly drag elements from the Search view and Inheritance Explorer and drop them onto diagrams. Thereby you avoid the step of first navigating to the Project Explorer, and then dragging the element from there.


NodePlus 2.0

Let’s conclude by mentioning that NodePlus now supports Eclipse 2021.06 and hence can be used together with RTist 11.2. The new version is called NodePlus 2.0 and is now delivered as a separate update site that you can install on top of RTist. NodePlus 2.0 uses the Wild Web Developer which provides a rich development environment for the typical languages used for web development (JavaScript, CSS, HTML etc). It also contains an updated version of the Node-RED server.


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