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We are thrilled to announce the launch of the latest version of HCL DevOps Code RealTime, this recent release features several important improvements across both the community and commercial editions.

A highlight of this update is a new document on building, debugging, and customizing the Target Runtime System. This guide is set to simplify the complexities of the runtime environment, providing developers with a clear roadmap to fine-tune their applications for optimal real-time performance.

Streamlining Development with Enhanced Validation

With version 1.0.1, HCL DevOps Code RealTime introduces several validation enhancements that are set to raise the bar for software quality. New rules now catch missing or unexpected triggers in transitions, and the display of validation issues in diagrams has been made more precise.

Refined Code Generation and Configuration Editing

This release enhances the experience of using code generators and editing transformation configurations. Improvements in error and warning reporting are particularly important, as they play a crucial role in helping developers quickly identify and address issues. This sharpened focus on clear and efficient feedback mechanisms lets developers concentrate more on innovation and less on fixing problems.

Another feature in version 1.0.1 are new examples that illustrate how to integrate generated code with UIs developed using QT, implement dependency injection, and apply JSON encoding.

In conclusion, HCL DevOps Code RealTime version 1.0.1 introduces a suite of enhancements and features aimed at optimizing the development process, improving operational efficiency, and ensuring the delivery of high-quality, real-time applications.

To learn more about this release and to get the full list, visit our website. HCL DevOps Code RealTime offers a free community edition, available in VS Code Marketplace and Open VSX Registry. If you have any questions or need more information please reach out to us at

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