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Your Data Is Your Business!

Data security and privacy protection remain critical for the well-being of any business, even while digital transformation continues to change how businesses must operate to be successful. Live chat and instant meetings have become the norm today in many businesses that need faster collaboration. The mining and use of your data though is at risk, and the need for better data security, privacy and governance in your chat and messaging applications has never been more crucial.

Who Has Access to Your Chat and Meetings Data?

Many chat and meeting providers today fail to prioritize the privacy of your data. Have you reviewed your meeting provider’s privacy policy recently?

If not, you should take a fresh look since many vendors are updating their software license agreements and may end up giving you less control than you realize. Some vendor policies recently put in place allow service providers to potentially redistribute, publish, access, use, store, review, share, create derivative works, process customer content and much more. In other words, your chat, audio, video, and presentations may be used for purposes other than your own company’s needs!

If data privacy protection is a priority for your business, ask yourself these important questions:

  • Do you fully understand how your company’s data will be used when using SaaS meeting solutions?  
  • What are your enterprise-ready alternatives for chat and meetings solutions in light of the recent data privacy issues with cloud solutions?  
  • How do you fully meet your regulatory obligations on data ownership and data residency?
  • Are you worried about your chat and meetings provider harvesting your data for their reuse?

Built-in Data Security You Can Count On

The answer to these questions is HCL Sametime, delivering an on-premises or cloud-native solution with a secure video meeting and chat platform focused on the business user experience, not on collecting your data. Your meetings and your data are strictly your business.

HCL Sametime is one of the few trusted solutions on the market available with NO data harvesting or data sharing. Sametime never shares your data with anyone!

Deployed on premises or in your own private cloud, you control your meeting and chat data. Your chat history, who attends meetings, how long the meeting lasts, meeting notes, audio and video are all securely stored on your servers. Where your data is stored, where it is archived, and who accesses it are all under your administrative control.

Some notable SaaS solutions today include clauses allowing the vendor to harvest your organization’s data – with Sametime your data belongs to YOU, giving your team complete control of data privacy at an affordable price.

Don’t Put Your Business at Risk

Businesses need secure collaboration to be productive and effective, but security and privacy is fundamental to protecting your business. Trusted meeting and chat solutions should include effective license agreement policies and protections to assure a business’ data security and privacy. Otherwise, vendor data harvesting could prove detrimental to your future business outcomes.

Contact us to discuss how Sametime can help your business or test drive Sametime for free.

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