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The release of Sametime 12.0.2 is here, unlocking a new era of seamless collaboration. We've prioritized enhancing your meeting and chat experiences, coupled with simplified administration and deployment, all at a cost-effective price point. Our commitment is to provide a robust enterprise business collaboration tool that emphasizes data security, lowers total cost of ownership (TCO), and delivers a feature-rich chat and meetings environment.

Let's explore the exciting capabilities now at your fingertips:

Deployment Simplification

  • UI Kubernetes single-node and multi-node installation, supporting Windows OS
  • OpenShift arbitrary user ID support for heightened security
  • K3s support – Kubernetes "light" for efficient deployment
  • Install enhancements for LTPA and LDAP configurations

Improved Database Installation for Sametime

  • Install with MongoDB and CoTurn via UI install
  • Database install script to support MongoDB 6.0
  • MongoDB Atlas support

New Chat & Meeting Capabilities

  • Reactions and deletions for more expressive conversations
  • User removal from Group Chats
  • Improved mobile notifications for better responsiveness
  • Auto in-meeting awareness status change
  • Advanced privacy settings and complex meeting passwords
  • Meeting attendee visibility on pre-join
  • Nickname support for a personalized touch

Seamless & Flexible Collaboration

  • Enhancements to Chat APIs & Widgets
  • Combined client for access to Meetings directly from Chat

New Administration Client

  • Policy Management for effective control
  • Monitor Usage & Statistics for insightful analytics

Easier Configuration Modification

  • Edit configuration files with UI Helm Dashboard deployments

Bug and Accessibility Fixes

  • Addressing issues to ensure a smoother user experience

Explore the complete list of features here.

Whether you're seeking enhanced collaboration features or simplified administration and deployment, our latest release has you covered.

Maximize the benefits of these features by upgrading now or deploying Sametime 12.0.2 for the first time in your organization. This release is available to all our Sametime Premium customers and Domino customers entitled to HCL Sametime. To download, visit the HCL License and Download Portal and search under the "HCL Sametime" product category.

If you would like to discuss how HCL Sametime can elevate your organization's collaboration with secure meetings and chats, click here.

Elevate your collaboration experience with Sametime 12.0.2 today.

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