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Five years ago, we imagined a future where our software products could be deployed in minutes into dynamic public, private and hybrid clouds. We harmonized our investments and roadmaps to get cloud-native from the ground up. 5,000+ people-years of investments later, we have: 

  • Transformed our software portfolio of over 50 product components to support the latest cloud standards. 
  • Integrated 2,000+ REST API endpoints making it easy for developers to extend, integrate and customize mission-critical enterprise systems. 
  • Created self-service cloud-delivered demos and trials to provide easy and fast hands-on experiences. 

I’m honored to introduce you to HCL SoFy, the cloud native solution factory for HCLSoftware products. SoFy accelerates our customers’ cloud native journey with access to 50 product components and 2,000+ Rest API endpoints with free trials and cloud native demos.  

HCLSoftware customers and partners can log in to SoFy now and try it out for themselves. Or you can register for our on-demand webinar to see SoFy in action and learn from our cloud native customer on why going cloud native is important to their organization.  

SoFy features:    

  • HCLSoftware at Your Fingertips: Easy access to over 50 product components, 2,000+ REST API endpoints, and cloud native demos. 
  • One-click Deployment: Deploy HCLSoftware in minutes with the innovative SoFy platform. 
  • Multi-cloud, Multi-choice: Implement a multi-cloud strategy and run on any cloud, public or private.      

Featured products, APIs, and demos include: 

products, api's and demos

Further, for customers that need more guidance and expertise around moving to a cloud native architecture, HCL Now, our new Cloud Native-as-a-Service offering, unlocks the full value of their cloud native, HCLSoftware products. Customers can go cloud native now with enterprise-grade availability, unlimited scalability, and flexibility, built from the ground up as cloud native. They will get a dedicated, secure environment deployed and managed on their public cloud of choice. Their software and customization investments are portable to any cloud, public or private, and HCL will share the initial investment to kick-start their transformation.  

HCL Now and SoFy are examples of the tremendous investments HCLSoftware has made in its products and long-term cloud native commitment since introducing the HCL Technologies Division, dedicated to developing, supporting, and selling software. Register for our on-demand webinar to learn how you can move to a cloud native architecture now! 


HCL software is cloud native

If you wish to find out more about how SoFy and HCL Now products and services can help you, please contact us, and we will be in touch.

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