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HCL Software is proud to announce the newest additions to the HCL SoFy partner program. With these new partners, HCL SoFy is now able to offer an even more comprehensive range of solutions that are tailored to tackle diverse business challenges.

The HCL Sofy partner program provides a one-stop solution for businesses looking to enhance efficiency, improve customer interactions, and protect enterprise assets. Our latest partners offer a range of solutions that can add value to your business needs.

We are excited to welcome our latest members and encourage you to take a moment to explore the specialized solutions they bring to the table.

Discover How These Businesses Can Help You Achieve Your Business Objectives


infoExpress offers ProjectExpress: an executive project management solution that runs on HCL Domino. Project management requires clear focus and objectives, realistic planning, people and resources, risk management, continuous oversight, quality control, and more, all within the defined constraints of time, cost, and scope. Utilizing the appropriate tools can help boost productivity and support the project's success.


Nintera's Handicraft CRM is a cutting-edge customer relationship management (CRM) system that is specifically designed for the handicraft industry. Running on HCL Domino, Nintera's Handicraft CRM is a fully customizable ERP/CRM solution that empowers your business to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and build stronger customer relationships. With powerful features tailored to meet the unique needs of the handicraft industry, our CRM is the perfect solution that caters to every aspect of your business needs.


Pointsharp is a European cybersecurity company that offers Cryptshare for Notes, a solution for secure email communication with HCL Notes. It provides secure file transfer without any size limitations in basic functions. It is bidirectional and without a media break, all directly from Notes.

Team Technology

Team Technology offers the teamWorkr Mobile solution, which transforms existing desktop-based, outdated, HCL Notes client applications into modern, mobile device-ready experiences. In just a few minutes or hours, teamWorkr Mobile updates even the most old-fashioned Notes applications to match the expectations of modern users.

HCL SoFy - Your Interactive Platform for HCLSoftware and Partner Solutions

HCL SoFy is HCLSoftware's user-centric interactive platform, enabling users to explore offerings not just from HCL but also from its esteemed business partners in a secure sandbox setting. With a single click, SoFy brings to life your preferred HCL and partner products for a myriad of purposes - be it exploration, training, or more.

Experience the potential of SoFy for yourself.

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