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Unica is now a top performer in the latest EMS FORRESTER WAVE REPORT.  This validates Unica’s evolution to changing customer needs, delivering more personalized engagement across channels with precision and performance. Our latest 4 releases focused on strengthening our integrated goal based marketing, messaging without limits, expanded industry journey templates, and enhanced cloud native foundation, thus, providing the marketing teams with an omnichannel and agile marketing platform to get the job done.


With a rich set of industry-specific journey templates in Unica Journey, Marketers can launch customer journeys with ease and agility. It now supports the masking of customer PI data, channel capacity constraints, and regional contact preferences.

These templates are packaged with common engagement scenarios and best practices to deliver a highly engaging and impactful customer experience, along with an integrated next-best call to action (offer) and timed actions to deliver them at the right moment.


Campaign planning also gets a new look with a refreshed planning calendar that allows you to filter tasks and view across timeframes (daily, weekly, etc..). Collaboration on campaign planning is more efficient with the ability to directly launch associated Slack channels from message boards on the platform. Campaign build experience also gets a boost with two key enhancements. You can have multiple users work on the same campaign flowchart and open and edit maillist process boxes in campaign flowcharts.

With a few key additions to Unica Plan when using integrated offer planning, you can now get access to draft offers from COM and published offers. With enhancements to our sleek planner utilities – Checklist and To-Dos, productivity and collaboration go up a few notches.


Building on HCLSoftware’s cloud native strategy, Unica continues to march ahead with its cloud native foundation with the availability of Unica 12.1.1 as a cloud native-as-a-service offering – HCL Unica on HCL Now powered by HCL Solution Factory (SoFy). With helm charts, application management, and monitoring, deployments will be easy, automated, and configuration driven. Unica can now be deployed on any cloud. HCL Unica is now offered on Google Cloud, and clients will have access to the wide-ranging solutions that are included in the Google Cloud Platform, whether running on-premise or cloud deployment supporting private, public, or hybrid cloud with no change in application functionality.

HCL SoFy is the foundational Cloud Native experience platform that allows clients to deploy HCL Unica on their cloud of choice without vendor lock-in and scale to enterprise needs. Customers can experience Unica (and other products from HCLSoftware) by browsing through the catalog of products, and demo packs, and accelerators, deploying them in a matter of minutes on the SoFy sandbox or on a local environment.

For SoFy access and orchestrating impactful customer journeys, here is the link to the workshop to join or even deploy yourself with direct access to Unica on SoFy.


Unica Deliver now supports conversational messages or replies on WhatsApp. We know WhatsApp as a marketing tool is excellent because of its reach. Its users include people of all ages, profiles, and socioeconomic situations. Users can send a message to the Brand’s Whatsapp number or reply to a message sent by the Brand. Unica Deliver for SMS lends support to SenderID consolidation. Unica Customers can configure a single SMS account in Unica Deliver with a marker senderid which is mapped to the actual senderid based on the target user’s geo, making it now possible to manage to send and process replies from one account as against multiple accounts.


Unica extended its omnichannel capabilities with integrations to new AdTech channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google) will allow marketers greater control and precision of their advertising campaigns. With Unica Journey, you can easily run retargeting campaigns. You can create personalized journeys and retarget people who have shown interest in your product. With Ads Connector to work along with Unica Interact and Unica Journey allows you to reach your audience on the right channels by helping you to syndicate audiences from Journey. We invite you to watch the video at the end of the post that walks you through how to map your audience criteria with adtech such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google ad.


Unica appeal to clients that want strong data management capabilities, functional range, and configuration options to meet specific technical and commercial requirements. Unified Data Management is one of our main theme in the Unica Roadmap. As a part of this, we plan to bring together all the key marketing entities around Audience, Segments, Offers, Events, etcetera into one place in Unica and further enrich this with additional 3rd party data and use a single view of these entities centrally across all features of Unica.


Unica has elevated the whole messaging experience from build to send to delivery. Crafting and managing SMS messages is now faster with an enhanced QuickBuilder editor with emoji support and features that make it easy to search, filter, and sort your messages. The new Quick Builder editor allows users to manipulate images and text, customize branding and frame the content professionally using drag-and-drop buttons, divider lines, and social media icons combined with every other element needed in any email. In the latest release, the Quick Builder can now create an email, simple push, SMS, rich in-app push, and landing pages.

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You can download your complimentary copy of the full report: The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Marketing Suites, Q3 2022. to read more about what got Unica as the strong performer.

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