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HCLSoftware is excited to announce that Unica, a leading enterprise marketing solution, has been shortlisted along with Adobe, Salesforce, SAS, Twilio for the Constellation Shortlist for B2C Marketing Automation for the Enterprise. Constellation evaluated 50 solutions categorized in this market and considered the criteria listed in the latter part of this article.

HCL Unica has also been recognized and validated for the work being done by Gartner and was recognized as a Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Multichannel Marketing Hub (MMH). We invested in the most comprehensive update to Unica, with over 300 enhancements, more than 30 new features, hundreds of native reports,  +500 REST APIs, and a revamped new UI improving the overall experience.

You can now experience all these demos in Sofy and HCL Now with out-of-the-Box Unica Cloud Native Demos.

1. UX & Simplified UI with out of the box features

With an easy-to-use interface, role-based dashboards, and views, we ensured that Unica has a marketer-friendly interface that lets you overcome challenges in building journeys and designing emails. In fact, visually rich and functionally efficient forms make data entry a breeze for end-users with much less IT-Support.

In the latest releases, we’ve brought to you one of the latest modules, Unica Journey, a yearlong investment in the Unica portfolio with many man-hours dedicated to marketers easy building and visualizing the Journey and gaining valuable insights.

9 features of Unica V12

2. Augmented Messaging Capabilities

Connected digital experiences have never been as important as they are today. COVID-19 pandemic has elevated the customers’ expectations of a brand’s digital capabilities. HCL Unica has invested tremendously in expanding messaging capability to include valued channels like WhatsApp and SMS; Unica delivered the kind of experience that improves conversion allowing users to connect with you on their preferred channel.

Unica 12.1’s recent Spring platform updates can elevate your omnichannel digital marketing with greater coverage- control- and precision.

9 features of Unica V12

The V12.1 Unica introduced Unica Deliver to provide seamlessly integrated, automated, and ad hoc engagement of customers across digital channels with timely, personalized digital messages. Learn how you can harness the power of Unica Deliver to design, build, and analyze your own email strategies.

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We’ve also released many more resources detailing the ways to extend cross-channel integrations and timely communication across channels, like email, SMS, WhatsApp, and others… to help you deploy better performing digital messaging programs.

These new digital messaging features culminate more than two years of research, development, and investment in the Unica platform to power the next generation of Martech Solution.

3.  Channel connectivity & Martech Integration

Unica’s continuous dedication towards building an integrated Martech Solution made multichannel campaign attribution happen. With the 12.1 release, Journey and Campaign modules were able to drive targeted Advertising on the LinkedIn Platform, leveraging the power of Unica’s precision targeting and LinkedIn’s matched audiences. You can learn from this replay more about the newly launched connectors for Facebook and LinkedIn.

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9 features of Unica V12

HCL Unica has invested tremendously in its customers’ needs. Most, if not all, of the features released are deployed to serve thousands of customers who care about expanding their Martech landscape and connecting to new channels.

4. Augmented Segmentation

  • Offer is the currency for the digital world. To ensure that it reaches the right audience with Unica, we enriched and rolled out robust segmentation capabilities and rules-based offer management. The other features include laying out customer preference, identity resolution, and management of the customer’s profile. You can gain more knowledge on Unica’s segmentation capabilities with this replay. 
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  • Integrated customer profiles. To help you make the most out of your CRM platform and to ensure the sales and marketing teams have a complete view of leads and prospects, Unica invested in enabling more CRM Data Integrations, Salesforce CRM. With this detailed article on how the Integration with Salesforce CRM works in Unica Journey, you will get familiar with CRM integrations and how you can augment your Unica data with a real-life example that walks you through the configuration of the Salesforce connector.

5. Better CX & Personalization

Brands want to scale up their campaigns, do more personalization, and run more campaigns in more channels simultaneously. HCL Unica was set up on this and invested tremendously towards building a complete web, mobile, and digital campaign personalization. When talking about Customer Experience(CX), it doesn’t start after the first purchase is made; it begins the first time someone engages with your product.

  • With Unica Interact’s sophisticated real-time interaction solution to personalize the customer experience, you can easily determine the next best action for customer engagement across various channels. With FlexOffers, you can map your offers, customer profiles, and their real-time activities.
  • A/B test your marketing strategies and understand which performs better for your customers.
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9 features of Unica V12

We can all agree that relevant, consistent, and continuous customer experience is key to building strong, profitable relationships. The Unica Marketing Platform is built for just this kind of end-to-end customer engagement.

6Collaboration and Productivity

In the past 2 years, a lot of our focus has been towards the Unica Plan, a tightly integrated component of the Unica marketing suite fulfilling all of the collaboration requirements. Plan has been vetted by hundreds of companies and thousands of users. It has been proven to be a comprehensive and flexible MRM solution and one of the most scalable. Being integrated with Unica Campaign (our Marketing Campaign Management solution) combines all of the data necessary to enable true Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) reporting.

9 features of Unica V12

7. DAM and Better Content Management Integration

To accommodate the request from our customers, we established a Centralized Offer Management (COM) for centralizing and integrating offers with other channels across the Unica Portfolio along with Multimedia asset creation, utilization, and robust digital asset management.

The other investments we made with Unica 12.1 release were augmenting the Content and the Adtech ecosystem,

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allowing for better multichannel release and facilitating advertising tracking and Adtech integrations.  For a more detailed B2B case, replay the Linkedin webinar session.

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Unica is continuously investing in building more media collaborations, exploring useful ways to bring business innovation & transformation to your Martech landscape.

8. Commerce Integration

When integrated with core business solutions from HCLSoftware- you seamlessly transition from behavioral insight to strategic action- taking the brand experience to new levels of customer satisfaction. With the recent release, Unica facilitated access to the below systems.

Through HCL investment in the Analytics space this year, we’ve also introduced Unica Discover and Unica Insights as vital alliances with the broader HCLSoftware portfolio to help our user optimize their Customer Experience. With the latest enhancements and features added in HCL, Unica facilitated access to your HCL commerce data, but also external eCommerce systems and ERP, to allow better visibility in your Customer Shopping and eCommerce Journey.

Lately, we’ve developed a series of recommendations on how to get better behavioral insights and to unfold friction in the shopping funnel with Unica Discover. We also invite you to explore a more practical walk-through on Customer Behaviour Analytics and increase digital sales with Unica products.

9. Analytics and Better Campaign Tracking

In the past 9 months, we’ve introduced Unica Insight and its native out-of-the-box reporting built on BIRT. Still, we’ve done more in the past 2 years to augment user ability to visually analyze the customer Journey with a strong focus on achieving your goal, with Behavioural insights.

9 features of Unica V12

In the latest enhancements and features added to HCL Unica, we’ve empowered users with the new Unica Discover Module to gain Deep visibility into their customer’s experience. You can segment your data across multiple data points that enable you to engage with individuals or segments who have experienced the same journey.

Thanks to its advanced session replays, reporting based on contextual data, real-time event messaging, you now can also quickly and easily augment user Journeys. Accordingly, you can design and deploy cross-channel campaigns to further reach the right audience at the right time, using the right channel.9 features of Unica V12

The Unica 12.1.1 latest is a marketing powerhouse, enabling marketers with powerful features to plan, build, execute and deliver a more engaging customer experience while achieving their marketing goals. At the same time, IT teams can leverage the immense benefits of an enhanced cloud native foundation and flexible deployment options. Unica actively contribute to extend and enhance Unica to deliver what you need to achieve the best outcomes for you and your customer.

We’ve just mentioned a couple of features, but there is more to it and the latest release, 12.1.1, is a Marketing powerhouse with some of the best enhancements in the market. We’ve just mentioned a couple of features, but there is much more, allowing marketers to leverage the power of analyzing marketing data and drive the strategy for their business.

To read the Constellation ShortList reports in detail, download the report now.

9 features of Unica V12

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