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The annual Digital Customer Experience Confex and Awards, a prestigious event celebrated in India, recognizes game-changers in the sphere of digital customer experience. This year, the event saw two extraordinary wins from the HCL Software family. The first award came as HCL Unica was recognized as the ‘CX Vendor of the Year,’ while the second was Saurabh Kuchhal being named as the ‘CX Star of the Year.’ Both achievements underscore HCL’s commitment to pioneering customer experience innovation.

As the ‘CX Vendor of the Year,’ HCL Unica is officially recognized as a leading solution for companies seeking to fast-track their marketing goals. The award acknowledges our dedication to fostering an environment of innovation and our continuous pursuit of service excellence.

On the other hand, Saurabh Kuchhal’s distinct honor in the Individual Category is a reflection of his commitment, customer-centric approach, and marketing expertise. He has shown an exceptional ability to improve customer experiences, making him a vital asset to the team, our customers, and our partners.

In an era where customer experience is pivotal, HCL Unica has been at the forefront, continually evolving to meet customer needs. Our solutions aren’t just about technology; they’re about creating meaningful experiences for our users. These awards are a testament to the incredible work our team has done to make this vision a reality.

“Our focus with HCL Unica is to continue to deliver innovation that helps marketers reach their goals easier and faster. That’s why we are very excited about the launch of HCL Marketing Cloud, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution powered by the latest AI capabilities. It embeds predictive and generative capabilities allowing marketers to take control of their campaigns, meet the demands of today’s personalization initiatives, deploy hyper-targeted campaigns, and gain access to deeper audience insights. HCL Marketing Cloud signifies the next chapter in the evolution and advancement of marketing automation.” – Raj Iyer, SVP of Product Management.

Discover the power of HCL Unica for your business today. Get in touch with our experts!

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