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Let’s Get Started with Unica V12.1 is an interactive video series hosted by Kelly Powers that dives into the “how” of the Unica Platform. Unica is super powerful; every video in our series will touch on the platform’s power. We already did part 1 and part 2 on ‘Let’s Get Started in Unica Campaign.‘, ‘Let’s Get Started in Unica Deliver.’, and Let’s Get Started in Unica Plan. This time we are here with a series of short videos which can guide you through one of the most essential modules from the suite – Unica Journey.

We recently published part 1 of the blog, which guides you to start with Unica Journey, creating your first journey and loading data in your Journey. In part 2 of the blog, we will learn about moving your campaign data to Journey.

Moving your Campaign data to Journey

In Campaign, you want to find your customers and narrow it down by removing specific segments before moving it to Journey. In this replay, we explore the integration between Campaign and Journey, moving to Campaign, and mapping the data Journey will use to consume and execute. These two work together, Campaign gathering eligible data, as required, and Journey moving the customer through the conversation at different times and touchpoints.

Once we have configured the data and we now know the data we needed in Journey, we have built our entry source, went over to Campaign and mapped our entry source, and saw Campaign come through Journey. Now it’s time to create the Journey using this data. In this replay, we talk about building a Journey Entry from Campaign.

Unica is a cloud-native, fully integrated enterprise marketing automation platform that provides precision marketing at scale and enables users, marketers, and developers to perform better. Marketers can accelerate their time to market and broaden their customer engagement with Unica 12.1.2 platform. We have created similar series of other Modules like Unica Deliver, Unica Campaign, Unica Link, and Unica Discover. Stay Tuned for more such videos on other modules.


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