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Let’s Get Started with Unica V12.1 is an interactive video series hosted by Kelly Powers that dives into the “how” of the Unica Platform. Unica is super powerful, and every video in our series will touch on the platform’s power. We already did part 1 and part 2 on ‘Let’s Get Started in Unica Campaign.’ This time we are here with a series of short videos which can guide you through one of the other powerful modules from the suite – Unica Deliver.

Unica Deliver is a scalable and seamlessly integrated digital messaging solution, providing timely and personalized communications across channels including Email, SMS, and Social Media Channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, and more. Let’s understand how you can use Deliver to the best of its abilities for your business.

1. Introduction to the Deliver Module

Unica Deliver in V12.1 to provide seamlessly integrated, automated, and ad hoc engagement of customers across digital channels with timely, personalized digital messages. Unica Deliver operates with Unica Campaign, Unica Journey, and Unica Interact. When you install Campaign, several Deliver components and tables are automatically installed as part of the Campaign installation. In the introduction video, Deliver is also explained as an output that can now take your data and then use it internally within Unica Suite. Check out the video below to get an overview of the Deliver module.

2. Using Quick Builder

Quick Builder allows drag and drops for an immediate email, and the message editor allows for more personalization as required, with other additional capabilities. Using Quick Builder, a person can quickly create a layout and load content for swift and easy creative creation. This email file will then be joined to a Campaign delivery process for email execution and sending out to your target audience. The replay explains how you can seamlessly create your emails using Quick Builder and then send them to your segmented audience for increased conversion.

3. Testing your Emails

So, you have created your email, and it is ready to be sent, but you would need to test it first by sending it yourself. With Unica Deliver, you can send a test email to yourself through various functions, a customized send, a test list send, or hard coding names into Derived Fields. Check out the video to learn more about sending a test email.

4. Personalization in Deliver

We all know the role personalization plays when it comes to marketing, be it emails, text messages, or notifications; everything, when used with personalization, makes your customer feel connected to the product and able to relate to it more. In Deliver, you can even customize your creative. In this replay, Kelly explores examples that range from the simple, like adding the first name to a heading, to specific content based on data or interactions a customer creates in the database. First, we demo a personalization.

Unica is a cloud-native, fully integrated enterprise marketing automation platform that provides precision marketing at scale, and it enables the users: marketers and developers to perform better. Marketers can accelerate their time to market and broaden their customer engagement with Unica 12.1.2 platform. We have created similar series of other Modules like Unica Plan, Unica Journey, Unica Deliver, Unica Link, and Unica Discover. Stay Tuned for more such videos on other modules.

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