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Let’s Get Started with Unica V12.1 is an interactive video series hosted by Kelly Powers that dives into the “how” of the Unica Platform. Unica is super powerful, and every video in our series will touch on the platform’s power. We already did part 1 and part 2 on ‘Let’s Get Started in Unica Campaign.’ This is part 2 of the blog Let’s Get Started With Unica – Unica Deliver. The blog will introduce you to more such power full features of Unica Deliver.

1. Introduction to the Deliver Module – Part 2

The second part of the intro video talks about setting up the creatives, with two options – Quick Builder and Message Editor. Quick Builder allows drag and drops for an immediate email, and the message editor allows for more personalization as required, with other additional capabilities. You can check out the replay to understand how to build powerful email campaigns with Deliver.

2. Loading Content

You may have a marketing campaign developer or a marketing manager; the first step for them would be to load the content to your campaigns. The replay explains how you can seamlessly load the content, create respective folders in both Quick Builder and/or Message Editor and then send them to your target audience.

3. Reporting

The Unica platform allows for a Deliver Dashboard to be created to view how messaging is performing quickly. In addition, there are detailed reports, ranging from Link reports (who clicked on what) to the bounce report (hardbound, out of office, technical difficulties, etc.). These reports are updated as the Unica Platform contains the data, so the latest numbers are right at a person’s fingertips as required. Check out the video to learn more about reporting in Unica Deliver.

4. Testing

In this video, we show how Unica spoils you with different options to do something, in this case, testing creative. We offer how a developer can use the flowchart sample process or the Deliver module for testing. Both options provide testing capabilities. In this replay, Kelly talks about a couple of different ways to do creative testing using flowcharts and deliver.

Unica is a cloud-native, fully integrated enterprise marketing automation platform that provides precision marketing at scale and enables users, marketers, and developers to perform better. Marketers can accelerate their time to market and broaden their customer engagement with Unica 12.1.2 platform. We have created similar series of other Modules like Unica Plan, Unica Journey, Unica Deliver, Unica Link, and Unica Discover. Stay Tuned for more such videos on other modules.

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