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Let’s Get Started with Unica V12.1 is an interactive video series hosted by Kelly Powers that dives into the “how” of the Unica Platform. Unica is super powerful, and every video in our series will touch on the platform’s power. We already did part 1 and part 2 on ‘Let’s Get Started in Unica Campaign.’ and ‘Let’s Get Started in Unica Deliver.‘ This time we are here with a series of short videos which can guide you through one of the most essential modules from the suite – Unica Plan.

Plan is one of your modules where we start creating your campaign plan. You can plan your output files and build high-level plans – say the categories you would want to split your campaigns into. Under plans, then, you can start building your programs, projects, tasks, calendars, and even teams. Let’s start with learning to create a plan.

Creating a Plan

The marketer(s) should map out their requirements or their Plans and organize the business to set up, knowing there are Programs and Projects underneath the Plan. A bit of strategic planning before creating will pay dividends. You can start by Adding a Plan; a pre-configured out-of-the-box template gets loaded along with it; you can give the plan a name and start with it. Check out this replay to learn in detail about creating a plan.

Creating a Program

Once the Plan Module has been set up and implemented, and the plans have been created or organized, the next level is creating the programs under the plans and the next level of managing a marketer’s campaign. In creating campaigns, Program is the middle level, Plan is the highest level, Program is the middle level (Program by business unit, Program by category), and Project is the campaign. Let’s take a quick look at this replay on creating a program.

Creating a Project

Once you have created the program, the next step is to create create a project, which is under a Program, under a Plan, in the HCL Unica platform. As shown in the replay, Project is very versatile and can be configured to the client’s needs for their marketing strategy. It Factors a Marketer needs to consider are the strategy of Marketing and downstream reporting. As part of the HCL Unica platform, Project is a hidden gem for a marketer.

Unica is a cloud-native, fully integrated enterprise marketing automation platform that provides precision marketing at scale, and it enables the users: marketers, and developers to perform better. Marketers can accelerate their time to market and broaden their customer engagement with Unica 12.1.2 platform. We have created similar series of other Modules like Unica Journey, Unica Deliver, Unica Link, and Unica Discover. Stay Tuned for more such videos on other modules.

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