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Change is the only constant, and as Marketers, we always have to adapt, plan and execute within the correct periods. The pandemic has taught Marketers to be ready for every situation and embrace the uncertainties.

Marketers need to grab the opportunities provided with the digital transformation and evolve with the trends in the marketing industry. Marketers have to be quick adapters to be ahead in the game, and one of the ways to do it is by using great MarTech products like Unica HCL.

2022 is finally here, and it means new opportunities and a fresh start. Now, with Unica, all the marketers get a chance to plan their campaigns and deliver better results than last year. You must be thinking that is it possible to plan, control, personalize and deliver campaigns efficiently? Yes, it is possible. The Spring release updates to the Unica 12.1 platform give marketers even more power and speed to plan, personalize and deliver a more engaging customer experience with mobile push integration to the existing email, SMS, and WhatsApp channels. Your omnichannel customer engagement gets more impactful with updates to Unica Journey, Unica Deliver, Unica Interact, Unica Plan, Unica Campaign, Unica COM in this release.

Spring update to the Unica 12.1 cloud-native integrated marketing platform – Unica strengthens the platform’s cloud-native foundation with more flexible deployments and a diverse stack. It deepens the integrated platform’s core capabilities with coverage for more social channels, better planning, rich Insights, and enhanced personalization. Finally, it broadens digital marketing with the addition of mobile PUSH messaging.

Are you aware of the significant step in Unica’s Cloud Native Journey?

It is the HCLSoftware’s Solution Factory. SoFy provides solutions that:

It can be rapidly deployed to any cloud environment, easily secured, monitored, and managed, and provide simple, consumption-based licensing. SoFy includes access to dozens of HCLSoftware products and services!

It was exciting to have the wonderful features and benefits of Unica on HCL Now this year. With Unica on HCL Now, users had HCL manage their instance of Unica to focus on marketing instead of infrastructure.

Cloud Native - SoFY

The benefits of Unica HCL Now are all about the choices and control it provides to you. Unica on HCL Now is HCLSoftware’s managed hosted option for Unica. It has three major components:

  1. Multi-year term software license,
  2. Infrastructure as a service, and
  3. Managed Services, including migration to v12.1 and upgrades/patches.

With Unica Summer and Winter Release, there were updates to its Integrated Goal-Based Marketing, Messaging without Limits, and Enhanced Cloud Native Foundation. It deepens the integrated platform’s core capabilities with journeys that have integrated the next best action, better execution, enhanced personalization, analytics, and finally elevate the messaging experience from build to send to deliver.

Unica Contact Central - define channel and regional preferences and execute outreach that is compliant with enterprise protocols and local governmental regulations

To learn more about the Unica Spring, Winter, and Summer Release, You can visit Unica Live and check out the fantastic webinars we have conducted so far.

Marketers can truly accelerate their time to market and broaden their customer engagement with Unica 12.1.2 platform. At the same time, IT teams can leverage the immense benefits of an enhanced cloud-native foundation and flexible deployment options.

Happy Holidays! May the new year be even more productive and profitable than the previous one! Wishing you all the best now and always!

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