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B2C companies, unlike B2B, deal with or directly approach their individual customers, and we are not talking some hundreds or thousands. Companies like Starbucks and Walmart serve more than 100 million+ customers weekly. Making marketing communication feel personalized and specially tailored for them is what makes it challenging for B2C businesses.

B2C marketing automation delivers more mass-oriented content and can perform specific marketing actions like sending an email, push notifications, and publishing social media – all without direct human intervention. The biggest difference between B2B and B2C lies in the duration of the campaigns – Where you need to gain the customer’s interest right away, then keep the road to check out short, simple, and enticing. This is why the focus instills highly relevant and personalized marketing messages.

With the latest 3 releases of Unica, new platform enhancements continue to deliver precision marketing at scale. With the winter release of Unica 12.1, marketers can quickstart with industry journey templates and accelerate their customer engagements. With added support for rich and personalized in-app mobile push, they can now enrich customer mobile experience.

The Unica spring release continues to enhance precision marketing at scale with key updates to the cloud native integrated marketing platform that includes industry journey templates as well as highly personalizable Customer consents and preferences, but also Real-time channel insights and playback with all the support for more secured AWS and Azure cloud native deployment.

HCLSoftware is excited to announce that Unica has been shortlisted for the Constellation Shortlist for B2C Marketing Automation for the Enterprise. Constellation evaluated 50 solutions categorized under B2C marketing solutions. Constellation ShortList vendors through conversations with early adopter clients, independent analysis, and briefings with vendors and partners. While shortlisting for B2C marketing automation for enterprises, they were not just looking for marketing automation at scale but precision at scale, which is actually consistent with how Unica and other players are recognized in the market. Let’s learn more about the software.

HCL Unica – ​​The HCLSoftware Unica Suite is an enterprise-class, integrated cloud native marketing platform that delivers precision marketing at scale. Unica’s unique goal-based marketing paradigm empowers marketing strategists to align their strategy and effectively achieve their marketing goals such as revenue targets, increased wallet share, customer loyalty, and much more.

Acquia Marketing Cloud – Acquia Marketing Cloud unifies content and customer data into one tool so organizations can deliver in-context, personalized experiences across channels and devices to drive engagement, conversions, and loyalty.

Adobe Journey Optimizer – With Adobe Journey Optimizer, you can manage scheduled omnichannel campaigns and one-to-one moments for millions of customers from a single application — and the entire journey is optimized with intelligent decisioning and insights.

Top 8 B2C Enterprise Marketing Automation Software

Pegasystems – The Pega Platform powers digital transformation by unifying leading artificial intelligence, intelligent automation, and customer engagement capabilities. Building an app, whether it’s simple or complex, shouldn’t be a struggle. Pega’s model-driven, unified approach delivers an enterprise-grade, agile application with a no-code authoring experience.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud – With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you can seamlessly turn moments into lifelong relationships. You can get to know your customer through a single source of truth to engage with relevancy, humanize every moment at scale with AI-powered personalization to inspire action and loyalty, and optimize overall marketing impact with unified analytics.

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SAP Marketing Cloud, Emarsys – Emarsys, now an SAP company, empowers digital marketing leaders and business owners with the only omnichannel customer engagement platform built to accelerate business outcomes. By rapidly aligning desired business results with proven omnichannel customer engagement strategies — crowdsourced from leading brands across industries.

Top 8 B2C Enterprise Marketing Automation Software

Creatio – Marketing Creatio is a robust marketing automation software that helps to gain demand generation excellence by identifying customers’ needs and nurturing their interests until they are successfully transformed into opportunities. Creatio has been widely recognized by key industry analysts, including Gartner, Forrester, Nucleus Research, Ovum, and ISM, and received multiple prestigious awards.

SAS Customer Intelligence 360 – SAS Customer Intelligence 360 enables you to get answers from your digital channels, then take the most effective actions. Marketers can use everything they know about a customer to enable more relevant, targeted, and individualized communications on all marketing touch points.

Unica has always been a strong B2C enterprise solution with a unique goal-based marketing paradigm empowering marketing practitioners with end-to-end marketing capabilities to engage and deliver highly personalized customer experience across a wide variety of outbound, inbound, social, and AdTech channels. When it comes to B2B companies, Unica simplifies the execution of complex marketing programs with a business-friendly UI/UX and seamlessly integrates with homegrown (Unica Deliver, Unica Journey, and other Unica Products) and third-party martech applications as well.

Top 8 B2C Enterprise Marketing Automation Software

Or just book a demo with us and understand all the features Unica brings to the table.

Top 8 B2C Enterprise Marketing Automation Software

If you want to learn more about how HCL keeps improving your marketing solution: Join the Unica summer release Webinar for v12.1.4.

Need to know what’s new in Unica summer release 12.1.4, read the blog here.

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