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We are excited to announce the release and general availability of our latest Spring update to the Unica 12.1 cloud-native integrated marketing platform – Unica The Unica Spring Release strengthens the platform’s cloud-native foundation with more flexible deployments and a diverse stack. It deepens the integrated platform’s core capabilities with coverage for more social channels, better planning, rich Insights, and enhanced personalization. Finally, it broadens digital marketing with the addition of mobile PUSH messaging.

Unica Goal Based Marketing | Prospect Journey in Unica

Your omnichannel customer engagement gets more impactful with updates to Unica Journey in this release. As marketers, not only can you define multiple goals and key milestones for your journeys but now track those goals with a wave and funnel stats, export the reports providing you powerful insights to proactively recalibrate your journeys.

Unica Goal Based Marketing | Prospect Conversion Funnel in HCL Unica

Exporting journey audiences to an external database is also now possible with the new Unica Link JDBC connector. Your audience outreach also gets wider with integrated WhatsApp messaging in Journeys, and AdTech targeting through our new Google AdManager audience syndication capability (in addition to Facebook and LinkedIn) built on Unica Link. 

Unica 12.1 Marketing Platform Spring Release

In Unica Deliver, we have added key capabilities that can give your digital marketing a major PUSH. Now you can engage audiences on the go with world-class integrated PUSH messaging through Unica Deliver and Kumulos. Bring agility to your message build experience with search, offer integration and PUSH support in the QuickBuilder mail editor and Optimize your SMS messaging strategy with out-of-the-box insights on SMS link clicks.

Unica 12.1 Marketing Platform Spring Release

With these key enhancements and our already existing Email/SMS/WhatsApp channel coverage, Unica Deliver can provide you the breadth and depth of digital messaging, all from a single integrated platform.

Unica 12.1 Marketing Platform Spring Release

In Unica Campaign, we have added support for new customer databases (Actian Vector and Oracle 12c/19c with ODBC). We have also introduced Improvements in the file-based data mapping to keep the existing settings, making building campaigns much faster. With a brand-new Sankey chart-based cell waterfall report that shows the branch-wise count flows, you can gain powerful insights into your precision targeting.

Campaign planning and management are now quick and easy with few key additions to Unica Plan. When using integrated offer planning, you can now also get access to draft offers from COM in addition to published offers. With enhancements to our sleek planner utilities – Checklist and To-Dos, productivity and collaboration go up a few notches.

Unica 12.1 Marketing Platform Spring Release

Marketers can now add notes to do their To-Do’s, reject an assigned To-Do while providing a reason for doing so, and easily manage multiple To-Dos with bulk operations like delete. We have also improved the navigation to 3rd party CMSes when attaching creatives for approvals.

Unica 12.1 Marketing Platform Spring Release

Unica’s Centralized Offer Management (COM) continues to evolve with more integrated capabilities and core enhancements. While the new offer draft state provides more control to your offer management, the new dynamic attribute visibility feature helps tailor the offer definition based on context.

Unica 12.1 Marketing Platform Spring Release

With our flexible CMS integration, you can search content from any CMS (AEM, HCL Commerce, etc.) and seamlessly align it to offers with smart and automated content-offer attribute mapping. Optimizing your offer personalization strategy also becomes easy with support for content insights powered by 3rd party cognitive tagging.

Unica 12.1 Marketing Platform Spring Release

With Unica Interact’s key enhancements in this release, real-time personalization is more deep and powerful. Now you can leverage the power of Interact’s powerful personalization on inbound channels and trigger contextual follow-up messaging on Email/SMS/WhatsApp channels through Unica Interact’s Deliver gateway. You can also infer patterns on real-time customer events and apply pattern states, suppress offers, and qualify segments for your personalization strategy. A new geo macro makes geo-location-based personalization much easier.

Unica 12.1 Marketing Platform Spring Release

As of this release, Unica Journey is now integrated with Director.  This integration will bring in the Journey’s infrastructure monitoring in one place. This will offer another way for the IT and Unica Admins to monitor the health and supporting components of Unica Journey, ensuring marketers are having round the clock availability of Unica Journey. With these new capabilities and UI refinements, you will have an enhanced experience managing the Unica deployment.

The release will also be available for Cloud-Native deployments containing all the necessary charts with the enhancements. Besides, charts supporting deploying Kafka from external images and support for Application Load Balancers add more flexibility to your deployments.

Overall, the Spring release updates to the Unica 12.1 platform give marketers, even more, control and speed to plan, personalize and deliver a more engaging customer experience with the addition of mobile push integration to the existing email, SMS, and WhatsApp channels. Additionally, integrations to new AdTech channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google) will allow marketers greater control and precision of their advertising campaigns. Simultaneously, IT teams can leverage the immense benefits of a more diverse cloud-native stack, flexible deployment options, and robust deployment monitoring.

To learn more about the Unica Spring Release, You can visit Unica Live and check out the amazing webinars we have conducted so far.


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