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Windows applications constitute a large portion of the services and applications that run across organizations. Containers provide a modern way to encapsulate processes and package dependencies, making it easier to use DevOps practices and follow cloud native patterns for Windows applications. Along with the benefits of Docker, like reducing hardware resource costs, ease-of-use, portability, scalability, and modularity of deployments, Kubernetes provides container-orchestration capabilities for automating application deployment (rollout and rollbacks), workload scaling, and high availability. Helm charts leverage Kubernetes packages to streamline the installation and management of applications deployed on Kubernetes.

Why Helm Charts based installations

  • When building and deploying applications, Helm Charts provide the ability to leverage Kubernetes packages through the click of a button or single CLI command. 
  • Kubernetes is a powerful tool. However, several challenges can hamper its adoption – e.g., deployment complexity, steep learning curve, etc. Helm charts help reduce the complexity of deployments.
  • Helm Charts can be shared within an organization or across organizations to avoid effort duplication and achieve higher efficiency with completely automated and configuration-driven installation & deployment.

How to Deploy Unica Discover Cloud Native Solution

Unica Discover, as we know quickly helps in identifying sessions that experienced user struggle and diagnose pain points, by capturing the user experience so you can then mitigate negative user experience and identify and proactively retarget users through marketing or recovery campaigns. Let’s understand a little about the deployments for Unica Discover. With the launch of SoFy you can now run Discover and other Unica Products in Kubernetes. This all can be accomplished in three easy steps: Explore the Catalog, Create a Solution, and Release to the Cloud. With Unica Discover launch on HCL Now (Powered by HCL Solution Factory (SoFy)) you do not need anyone else to host or Manage the Discover Platform for you, you can do it all by yourself.

Both Linux-based and Windows-based applications can be deployed on a single Kubernetes cluster. Organizations can manage their workloads effectively with the same orchestrator regardless of the operating system. Unica Discover product requires Windows and Linux nodes on a Kubernetes Cluster. Installation and Upgrade of Unica Discover are facilitated by helm charts. Firstly, you should get a helm chart from HCL and then configure the configMap.yaml file.

Before you begin

  • Download unica discover docker Images from Flexnet.
  • Import Docker Images, tag & push them to a docker registry.
  • Edit values.yaml – product image URL in the repository section and tag numbers in the “tag” section.
  • Update Database details in the helm chart configMap.yaml file.
  • Last but not the least, ensure you have access to SoFy.


Helm installation command to deploy Unica Discover cloud native solution.

helm install hcl unica -f ./discover/values-local.yaml unica –set service.hostname=`hostname` –set service.applicationDomain=’’ –set ingress.enabled=true

Discover helm release representation is as below:

Unica Discover Helm Deployments

Unica Discover on HCL SoFy!

1. Search HCL Unica Discover in SoFY Catalog.


2. Deploy Discover solution on SoFy.

Unica Discover Solution

3. SoFy API Directory.

Unica Discover REST APIs

The advantages that come in handy with the new Unica Discover cloud-native. It also supports on-prem, cloud with Docker, Kubernetes, and Helm technologies.

To learn more about it, you can read it here. If you are trying to implement a customer strategy, give it a read.

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