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Great things come with Unica V12! We recently published a series on The 12 Things We Love About Unica V12.0, which focuses on the aspects unfolding from being a place for centralized offer management to the capabilities of turning cloud-native for deployments. It has demonstrated how Unica is easier to install, scale on-demand, faster to upgrade, and has received so much interest.


 Docker is currently one of the most popular containerization technologies and an industry buzz. At HCL, we understand our customers’ need for greater usability, flexibility, and a high level of stability. We strive to provide all of this and more with the latest technology.  As Docker becomes more popular along with the availability of tools like Kubernetes and Helm, it has become a boon for IT professionals who have the requisite expertise. This not only includes pre-built Docker images but also leverages the orchestrating capability of Kubernetes and Helm. It is never a repeated day at HCLSoftware for any of our recently acquired products, including the full Unica Suite. With v12.1 release, Unica has dockerized all of its products, and Docker Images can now be deployed on Kubernetes using Helm charts. Dockerized Unica Products have many advantages ranging from easy installation to cloud readiness.

What Problems Does Docker Solve for the CMO, CTO, the Marketing Leadership, and the User?

For the Leadership (CMO, CTO, other C levels), the most significant problem is that of software currency and reliability. Software version stagnation is a known problem occurring in the Martech space.

Unica has dockerized all of its products, and Docker Images can now be deployed on Kubernetes using Helm charts

This is a situation, where whatever initial version of Martech software is installed, is rarely upgraded. The company faces challenges in experiencing great new features such as the goal-based marketing in Journey or the drag and drop features that come along with the new features and updates of the software. If you want to learn more about how all these features could be updated in your version of Unica, read about 12 things in version 12, and how with Docker, these features get seamlessly integrated to your Unica version. CMO’s and other Unica users want easy and frequent fixes or feature updates to upgrade the software inexpensively to remain on the cutting edge of competitive features and functionality. They also wanted to assure their teams are more productive without long cycles dedicated to costly and complex upgrade projects and a system that is up to date with the new 2020 Unica features.

Robustness – On-Prem as well as Cloud First

Initially, Unica was viewed as only an on-premises solution and required one-off support outside of a cloud strategy. However, with the driving times of transformation and with a cloud-first strategy mindset, Unica is cloud-ready for any infrastructure strategy with Dockerization and CICD. Unica is now delivering one of the most flexible, scalable, and current Martech solution (v12.1) in the industry.

You can always get in touch with us to know more about Unica on Cloud in its strategic and technical details.

The Marketing Leadership want currency, reliability, open integration, and speed. The primary feedback we heard from the Unica Marketing Leaders was around the currency and integration capabilities. They wanted to see a faster turnaround of fixes, more open integration, and a more cloud-friendly solution. With the Dockerized release, V12 delivers the capabilities to remain current, continuously improve reliability, extend beyond our V12 – 20% speed improvement and delivers a more cloud, database, and API friendly solution for simpler and less expensive integration.

Unica users have always wanted more features and functions, and the Dockerized CICD upgrades allow our users to see their product feedback at forums and events become a reality much faster than ever imagined. Upgrades to features, functions, and fixes can all be delivered very quickly with a greatly reduced testing cycle for the users. They will be able to do even more with increased flexibility, and big capability jumps as we add even more to the Unica suite in V12 and subsequent releases.

With v12.1, Unica is an Enterprise-Class CX platform that supports dockerization and a premise agnostic and cloud-ready solution.

HCL Unica Docker Images

Unica Marketing Suite is fully dockerized. Each of Unica product has a separate Docker Image.

Dockerfile, Docker Image, Docker Container

Below is a list of v12.1 Unica Docker images ( these are available on FlexNet ):

Virtual Machine vs. COntainerization

Dockerization opens the Unica suite up to a concept of CI-CD. With CI in place, a shortened and desired release cycle can be achieved.

Which technology stack is supported by Unica Docker Images?

Application Servers like Tomcat, JBoss EAP, and Weblogic are supported. Tomcat is embedded within the Images. This enables an in container JVM process for the applications. JBoss EAP and Weblogic are externalized app servers. Oracle, DB2, and MariaDB are supported as System Databases with the Docker Solution. Unica Docker Images are centos based, Linux OS is supported for Docker deployments using Helm Charts. To learn more about 

Docker Image Deployments

Completely automated and configuration-driven Unica Installation and Deployments are now possible using Unica Helm Charts. With Unica Docker Images, upgrades from on-premise to Docker version is also supported. Unica Docker Containers completely manage this upgrade. To provide an easy path to scale your system and manage an easy upgrade, dockerization has helped many of our clients and us, and we couldn’t be happier.

To learn more about the innovative ways Uncia works with Docker, have a look at the webinars we have conducted around cloud-native deployment and 12-things-no12-dockerization.

Unica Docker - Cloud Native

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