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We are thrilled to announce the release and availability of the latest update for Unica 12.1.5, our cloud native fully integrated enterprise marketing automation platform that provides precision marketing at scale and elevates marketer efficiency for improved customer engagement via an assortment of new features and UI improvements.

With the new user interface, the Unica menu and navigation have been organized into distinct marketing functions around Plan & Manage, Build & Execute and Analyze & Optimize. The new ‘Loop’ function in the Journey orchestration process creates repeated reminders for customers to take important actions, such as paying bills.

Marketers now have the ability to import ZIP files created by external agencies that consist of both HTML and image content with just one click in Unica Deliver. The product team has released many new features that allow marketers to further improve privacy on customer profile data which is used for personalization. Let’s detail these features and learn more about this release.

Marketing Central and UI Functional Improvements

  • Intuitive and more Functional User Interface for Marketing professionals via Marketing Central, where the Unica menu and navigation have been refreshed for marketer efficiency and have been organized into distinct marketing functions around Plan & Manage, Build & Execute and Analyze & Optimize. You can still easily navigate between the classic and new Home Pages.

Unica V.12.15 new improved UI

  • Improved Campaign UI: Modifications like visual cues for processes involving derived fields and the ability to identify whether the last run of a campaign flow chart was in test or production aid marketers in navigating the system more efficiently.

Build Journeys and email campaigns more efficiently with:

Unica Journey loop Back

  • Effective Journey Authoring Made Simpler with the “Loop” feature in Journey Orchestration simplifies journey authoring for effective customer engagement. It enables creating flows with multiple reminders for customers to take key actions, such as bill payments or obtaining new permissions. The feature allows for lean and concise journeys with multiple engagements. Marketers can now create journey paths based on conversational WhatsApp messaging with customers and can personalize them in real time.

Unica V.12.5 Whatsapp plugin in Unica Journey

  • Improved Collaboration for Content Creation It’s a big impact feature for Marketers who can now import ZIP files created by external agencies that contain both HTML and image content just with the click of a button via Unica Deliver. That’s not it; you can even have static URLs to your Landing Pages authored in Unica Deliver to access them outside of Deliver. The added support for archive links is also in this release.

Unica V.12.1.5 Archive Link in Deliver

Better Personalization and Segmentation control

  • Modeling and Scoring through External Call out Process Box in Campaign will now allow marketers to leverage external scoring models available for customer profiles with the external call out process box. This results in a seamless and easily configurable exchange of data between systems, allowing campaigns to use updated customer profile data and improve campaign effectiveness.

Unica V12.1.5Unica Campaign Callout process box

  • Better Coverage Analysis with Improved Simulation for Real-Time Personalization of Interactions. The personalization simulation feature has been upgraded with Granular controls, dedicated permissions, ability to schedule different coverage scenarios are some new capabilities along with a new look and feel that makes the coverage analysis more powerful.
  • Improved Privacy Controls for Personalization – We utilized this chance to enhance privacy for customer profile data utilized for personalization. The admin can set up 3 options for managing such data- conceal, obscure or make public based on organizational policies and regional regulations, allowing the data to be accessible for personalization through various channels.

Know more, Get involved:

Are you excited about the release?

If you are a Unica user and want to submit an enhancement request, please visit our ideas portal. Every idea is reviewed extensively, and a good percentage of ideas are converted into functionality. If you would like to read more about HCL’s ideas portal, this helpful blog will guide you through: Unica Ideas Portal.

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