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Visual Studio Code is a lightweight, powerful, desktop source code editor. For more information, please visit

HCL VersionVault is a software configuration management (SCM) tool used for version control, which provides controlled access to source code, design documents, models, test plans and test results. It features secure version management and authoritative build auditing. For more information, please visit

The HCL VersionVault integration with Visual Studio CodeIDE provides the following VersionVault operations.

  • Add Existing View
  • Connect to WAN Server
  • Activities – Create Activity, Set Existing Activity
  • Add To Source Control
  • Check Out
  • Check In
  • Undo Checkout
  • Hijack
  • Undo Hijack
  • Rename
  • Remove
  • Refresh
  • Update From Repository
  • Disconnect from WAN Server

It supports UCM and Base VersionVault. It supports only the Windows platform with two view types: Web and Automatic.


  • VersionVault or the VersionVault Remote Client must be installed.
  • Download and install Visual Studio Code from
  • A VersionVault view (Web/Automatic) must be created using VersionVault tools.

For further information please download the VersionVault-VS Code integration guide.

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Automation | June 13, 2023
What's New in HCL VersionVault v3.0.1
HCL VersionVault announces a new version release! Version 3.0.1 makes it easier than ever to deploy software quickly, securely and smoothly.