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HCLSoftware is excited to announce that Volt MX is named on the 2022 Constellation Shortlist of Enterprise Low-Code Tools and Platforms. Constellation evaluated 30 solutions categorized in this market and listed Volt MX as one of the top 10 solutions out there.

>> Download Report here >>

Constellation highlighted 15 criteria for the solutions evaluated and we are proud to highlight the areas where we think Volt MX really shines!

Value to Our Customers 

  • Our low-code platform has enabled development teams to build robust solutions in weeks (rather than months), which results in faster innovation and lower TCO  
  • We have a healthy and diverse customer list: Industries currently showcasing Volt MX apps include healthcare, energy, government, automotive, manufacturing, retail 
  • Here are some examples of benefits our customers have gained using our platform:
  1. ROI in a year 
  2. Responded quickly in the early days of the pandemic by building a health and safety
    app in 55 hours
  3. Created localized apps in 30+ countries while achieving 50% savings in app dev costs
  4. Spun up 15 apps in less than a year to improve operations and manage assets  

>> Read more case studies here >> 

Easy to Use  

  • Volt Iris, our front-end design and development tool, provides a compelling visual application development model  
  • With tools like the WYSIWYG canvas and design toolsets, designers can easily create nuanced application visual designs, allowing organizations to pivot and evolve quickly throughout the ideation and prototyping process

Strong Integration Capabilities  

  • Volt Foundry makes it easier for application developers to configure their access to data 
  • It greatly simplifies backend integrations and eliminates maintenance costs by providing an open and extensible framework to integrate seamlessly with existing IT investments

Spectacular Multiexperiences 

  • With Volt MX, developers can write code once, and deploy everywhere: A native application for phones or tablets or a progressive web application can be used across all channels  
  • Heralded by Gartner 

Next-gen Experiences  

  • Volt MX lets your experiences incorporate intelligent chatbots, conversational apps, wearables, and immersive experiences with augmented reality
  • It’s easy to incorporate the latest tech into any app 

We’re excited to see this continued recognition from the market and analysts like Constellation Research (plus Forrester and Gartner). Looking for your next low code platform? Schedule a demo now or try a 30-day free trial.

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