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In today’s business partner spotlight, we’re thrilled to announce that Enveu, the global pioneer of cutting-edge OTT solutions, and Volt MX have joined forces to take multiexperience low-code application development to the next level with seamless video experiences. Read the official announcement here.

It’s no secret that online video content is in constant demand–and not just from your traditional media companies and content providers. In our ever-evolving digital world, even enterprises need a way to deliver engaging content quickly and securely, from marketing to internal communications.

Enveu, armed with its end-to-end OTT technology solutions and their game-changing Experience Cloud (a SaaS-based platform) catapults media publishers, content creators, and digital businesses to the pinnacle of success. The platform offers multiple sets of features, tools, and integrations for streaming needs of any size, so clients can increase engagement, grow their subscriber base, and monetize content in various models.

Volt MX's low-code app development platform empowers organizations to create stunning consumer-grade apps, effortlessly integrate complex systems, and craft immersive experiences that keep users engaged. With Volt MX's unified development experience, businesses can defy convention, accelerate application development cycles, and soar past their competitors.

Combining Enveu's Experience Cloud with Volt MX’s market-leading low-code multiexperience development creates exciting new possibilities for enterprises and developers hoping to bring their digital experience into the future, enabling seamless video experiences across 12+ platforms. Here’s a breakdown of how your business can benefit from this partnership:

1. Accelerated Development: Build and launch your own custom OTT platform effortlessly. Leverage Volt MX’s low-code capabilities to quickly develop apps, unleash new features and reach the market in a fraction of the time and investment.

2. Seamless Integration: Manage APIs securely and easily, simplifying complex integrations to create a seamless user journey that keeps your audience engaged.

3. User-Centric Interface: Customize the look and feel of your application to create a cohesive, interactive digital experience your users will love.

4. Robust Security: Take advantage of advanced security offerings and DRM solutions to maintain a secure digital environment at scale.

HCL Volt MX’s partnership with Enveu expands on their dedication to digital innovation. Now you have the tools to enhance your applications and scale your business confidently with immersive, seamless, and electrifying video streaming experiences catered to your users, created with ease and speed, without the technical complexities.

The future of seamless content consumption is here! Learn more about this exciting partnership and its potential to redefine streaming and multiexperience application development here.

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