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The latest news about Domino, Sametime, and introducing Volt MX Go

The largest user group event — Engage — was in-person again (finally) in beautiful Bruges, Belgium. Held every year since 2009, this event is where the world’s smartest people (!) gather to showcase the latest technology, network, and enjoy delicious food and beverages. Don’t worry if you missed out on the event (and the beer and wine), we’ve got all the juicy bits right here.

panagendaImage courtesy of our partner, panagenda 

“NEXT” was the theme of the event, and that is exactly what Richard Jefts, HCLSoftware’s Senior Vice President of Development and General Manager, and all the presenters, were focused on. This year’s Engage was all about … what’s NEXT!

The NEXT Big Release: Domino “Danube” 

This release will be coming in the last quarter of 2022, and it’s BIG. Even though v12 was just last summer, and we did another point release in December, we are still rolling out another big one this year! This is more proof of how deeply we are invested in Domino, and the future of your digital success with apps and mail. The key themes of this release are: 

  • Better-looking apps
  • Enhanced mail security
  • Easy meeting scheduling  

What Do We Mean by “Better-Looking Apps”?  

We are launching “Project Restyle” to give you a fast way to easily update the visual styling — the look and feel — of your existing Domino apps. We aren’t touching the code that powers the logic behind your apps with this, so don’t worry about any risk. This is just about making them look better. With “Project Restyle,” you’ll get a new set of design options (colors and themes) that will style the views, frames, pages, action bars, embedded outlines, and framesets of your application.

Project Restyle


HCL Domino REST API (a.k.a., Project Keep), provides secure REST API access into HCL Domino servers and databases for pro-code development. This makes Domino development and access available to a broad audience — without sacrificing ease of deployability that’s legendary with Domino and their preferred programming language and framework. If you’re interested in getting early access, read our announcement blogs about Domino Danube and Domino REST API. Or, sign up to receive our newsletter, here.

During the Engage sessions, we drilled into the details of v12, and shared what’s NEXT in future releases. We also launched a new deployment workshop on the HCL Digital Solutions Academy. More about the “Danube” release will be revealed in the upcoming months!

What’s NEXT for Sametime Premium? 

As you know, we recently launched a major new version V12 recently focused on enhancing your data security, delivering lower TCO, and delivering a customized meeting experience for every meeting owner and participant. Highlights of the release include:

  • Make good security decisions every time: We ensure your privacy is protected with pre-defined meeting modes: Collaboration, Confidential, Lecture Mode, plus new member management capabilities. 
  • Customize your Meeting experience: We provide personalized and branded experiences, plus powerful meeting reports for those managing meetings. 
  • Administrators get up and running faster with lower TCO with a fully containerized deployment on-prem or private cloud.

Read more about the v12 announcement here.

What’s NEXT in multiexperience app dev for Domino: Introducing Volt MX Go

We’re excited to announce the launch of Volt MX Go, which combines the power of our multiexperience low-code platform and Domino to extend your skills and investments in your Domino apps into exceptional mobile, web and wearable experiences.

To bring the Volt MX Go offering alive, Bernd Gewehr at Voessing, a German engineering company, showcased how he extended his field service app built on Domino with Volt MX Go.

This new mobile application extends their existing Domino app capabilities with capturing and annotating photographs of the equipment they are inspecting, while automatically pull location and compass heading from the metadata, elements that are essential for them to include.

Interested in learning more about Volt MX Go? Fill out the contact us form here.

What’s NEXT after Engage?  

This is an exciting year for Digital Solutions products — and there is lots to come from HCLSoftware so stay tuned for upcoming news and events by subscribing here.

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