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HCLSoftware is excited to announce that the latest release of Volt MX – codenamed Einstein – is now available! The new release of our multiexperience low-code platform further enhances citizen and professional development with the following features:

  • Volt IQ, a new developer assistant powered by AI to increase productivity and enhance developer experience
  • Support to build desktop apps for Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS, expanding opportunities to build new EX and remote work applications
  • An update to Leap for easy citizen development governance and deployment
  • Enhanced JavaScript Editor for server-side logic for JS developers to quickly adhere to coding to best practices

Accelerate App Development with Volt IQ

Volt IQ highlights HCL’s commitment to innovation in the era of AI, boosting productivity for professional developers using Volt MX. Developers can now use Volt IQ within the Volt Iris IDE to help with tasks like automation, scanning apps for vulnerability, and providing intelligent suggestions. With guidance from Volt IQ, learning curves are reduced for developers new to the platform, while experienced customers will see faster development cycles and improvements in the overall quality of their apps.

Major features of Volt IQ include:

  • Chat interface for developers to ask questions and receive support for technical queries.
  • Executing commands via natural-language instructions.
  • Optimization, cleanup, and completion of numerous time-consuming tasks such as translations, running test cases, and more.
  • Providing design recommendations through advanced AI algorithms (I.e., suggesting sample login designs from the marketplace as soon as a new login form is built).

Learn more about Volt IQ here.

Start a chat with Volt IQ and review design suggestions while building your app in Volt Iris

Your Multiexperience Apps are Now Desktop Native, Too

As the industry-leading multiexperience low-code platform for web, mobile, tablets, and wearables, this release adds support for building native Windows and macOS apps. Following our “build once, deploy everywhere” mantra, desktop apps can be created effortlessly reusing the same business code and all the backend configurations.

These apps run natively on the desktop, can access local OS services such as file systems and work completely offline. For Windows, the developer can choose to build an MSI installer or an exe. For macOS, the developer can build a dmg or app file. This capability expands the opportunities for organizations to build employee experience and remote worker applications.

Learn more about Desktop native apps here.

Manage Your Citizen Development Program at Scale

A new application dashboard for admins is now available to retrieve essential insights into large-scale citizen development programs. Quickly access key metrics such as specific employees building apps, how often apps are used, their storage volume, and more. This feature provides information essential for governing your Leap environment and keeping usage out of shadow IT.

Admins can configure and control access to external information for citizen developers to use in their apps. Examples include lists of customers from the CRM system to populate a dropdown menu or an organizational lookup to automate a workflow assignment. The elements which can be controlled include which external sources are made available and who can use them. Providing external information this way keeps citizen developers safe and adds value to what they can create.

Enhanced JavaScript Editor for Data Processors

Volt Foundry provides a powerful data integration middleware. One of its strengths is the ability to write custom pre-processor and post-processor JavaScript code to modify or enhance a service behavior. For example, a way to limit, extend or alter the data flowing in and out of the backend-data pipeline, as well as set controls on how and when services are engaged. In this latest release, Volt Foundry introduces extended functionality, such as providing suggestions, IntelliSense, auto filling code blocks via a list of suggestions and error detection. The format of the APIs has also been extended to adhere to best practices for API design to accelerate learning and usage. These improvements enable JavaScript-proficient developers to be more productive and reduce the likelihood of error-prone code.

Learn more about JavaScript enhancements here.

To Learn More

This release is now available for all existing customers on-prem and Volt MX Cloud. Please upgrade to 9.5.17 or above by using the update feature in Iris or download a new version through the HCL Licensing Portal.

Watch this video for a detailed overview and demos of this Volt MX release for professional developers:


New to Volt MX? Try our platform and its new features hands on through our free account (professional and citizen development environments provided) and access free training programs through HCLSoftwareU to help you get started.

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