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We are thrilled to announce that Volt MX has been named on the Constellation ShortList™ Enterprise Low-Code Tools and Platform, earning this recognition three years in a row, proving our relentless dedication to innovation and excellence in the realm of low-code development.

The Constellation ShortList is curated by the analysts at Constellation Research who employ a meticulous research process encompassing client inquiries, partner dialogues, customer feedback, vendor projects, market analysis, and internal research from over 30 companies. This comprehensive approach ensures that only the most exceptional solutions make it to the ShortList.

So, what sets us apart and earns us a coveted spot on this list? Let’s look into some of the criteria considered and how we excelled in our approach:

  • Ease-of-use with minimal coding or technical expertise: Our platform empowers users with varying levels of proficiency to develop applications with ease thanks to an intuitive interface and dedicated development environments tailored for both citizen and professional developers.
  • Effective desktop and mobile user experience: Build once, deploy everywhere – With Volt MX, you are at the forefront of native multiexperience innovation. From PWAs to native mobile apps, Volt MX delivers a superior user experience across any type of device, ensuring usability and engagement, all on a single source code.
  • Wide range of integration types and sources: Beyond just connectors, Volt MX provides robust middleware that simplifies backend integrations, authentication and eliminate maintenance costs by harnessing an open and extensible framework to integrate seamlessly with your existing IT investments.
  • Management and governance features that handle large numbers of apps: Volt MX provides robust management and governance features to effectively handle large numbers of applications, ensuring compliance and security.
  • Support for application templates and organization branding: Our product offers support for application templates and organization branding, streamlining the development process and reinforcing brand identity.

We invite you to explore the research and discover firsthand why we stand out in the realm of low-code development. Reach out to us or try Volt MX for free to see how we can propel your organization towards digital transformation and success.

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