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Are you working with Axway SecureTransport and would you like an easy way to perform your operations? We have what you are looking for!

The Axway SecureTransport plug-in is available on Automation Hub, download it to empower your Workload Automation environment.

The Axway ST plug-in helps you monitor all your transfers directly from the Dynamic Workload Console. Furthermore, you can schedule when starting file transfers on Axway SecureTransport, just by creating a simple job definition.

If you would like to learn more on how this plug-in integrates with Workload Automation, read the following article: “Orchestrating Business Processes with HCL Workload Automation and Axway SecureTransport”

The following are few prerequisites you need to have to use the plugin:

  • Axway SecureTransport 5.4 or 5.5 instance already up and running
  • Capabilities of submitting transfers using the Axway Transfers RESTful API at version 1.4

Now let us see how easy it is to start and monitor transfers on Axway ST instance.

  1. Job definition

First, log in to the Dynamic Workload Console and open the Workload Designer. Choose to create a new job and select “Axway SecureTransport ” job type in the “File Transfer ” section:

Job Definition PageFigure 1: Job Definition Page

Then, we need to create the job definition, filling the two corresponding tabs.


In this section we need to enter the details on how to reach the Axway ST instance and establish the connection.

Connection PageFigure 2: Connection Page


In this section we need to specify the kind of operation we want to perform (PUSH, PULL, UPLOAD, MONITOR) and some details on how to perform it.


  • A PUSH operation will transfer files from the Axway ST instance to an external location, specified in what is called “site name”.

To start a PUSH operation, we need to specify the files we want to transfer, and the destination location involved in the transfer.

Action Page Push SectionFigure 3: Action Page>Push Section


  • A PULL operation will transfer files from an external location, specified in what is called “site name”, to the Axway ST instance. The site name contains information also on the files to consider for the transfer.

To start a PULL operation, we need to specify the source location involved in the transfer and the destination directory where to put the files into.

Action Page Pull SectionFigure 4: Action Page>Pull Section


  • An UPLOAD operation will upload files from the dynamic agent running the job into the Axway ST instance.
  • To start an UPLOAD operation, we need to specify the files we want to upload, and the destination folder. We can also specify what to do in case a file with the same name already exists in the destination directory.

Action Page Upload SectionFigure 5: Action Page>Upload Section


  • A MONITOR operation allows us to monitor transfers running on Axway ST. This allows us to also monitor operations that weren’t initiated by a Workload Automation job.
  • To narrow the transfers to monitor, we can specify several filters that will be considered when searching for the matching transfers: file name, site name, the protocol used, the direction of the transfer, the party performing the action, the account involved with the transfer, a time limitation to search for transfers started before or after a certain time.

The polling time will be used as waiting time before asking to Axway ST for an update on the status and we will monitor the matching transfers until they end.

Action Page Monitor SectionFigure 6: Action Page>Monitor Section

Action Page Monitor SectionFigure 7: Action Page>Monitor Section Contd.

  1. Submitting your job

Once the job definition is ready, we can save it and submit it in the plan.

The job will start its execution and perform the desired operation.

  1. Monitoring

While Axway ST executes the transfers, the plug-in offers the possibility to monitor in real-time the execution. Such monitor page, called Workflow details, is accessible from the monitor jobs view and contains details of each file that is being transferred. Refresh the page to see the updates and click on the Failure reason button to get more details about a specific failed file.

Workflow Details PageFigure 8: Workflow Details Page

Thus, thanks to the Axway SecureTransport plug-in, you can automate your file transfers and monitor them, all from one place.

On Automation Hub we have this and so many other integrations that will enable you to automate everything you want.

Automate more, automate better!

Authors Bio:

Maria Ludovica CostagliolaMaria Ludovica Costagliola – Workload Automation Software Developer

She joined HCL in September 2019 as Junior Software Developer starting to work as Developer for IBM Workload Automation product suite. She has a Computer Engineering Master Degree.



Rooparani Karuti Rooparani Karuti – Senior Test Specialist Workload Automation

Working as senior test specialist for Workload Automation-Plugin Factory team in HCLSoftware Lab, Bangalore. Having 10 years of experience in both manual and automation testing across various domains.



Preethi K VPreethi K V – Senior Software Engineer at HCLSoftware

Preethi is an ardent information developer for different plugins in HCL Workload Automation in India, Bangalore. She works with the ID team to improve the documentation for Workload Automation and create videos to promote new features. She likes to analyze new features and improve her knowledge about technical components.



Smita PatilSmita Patil – Workload Automation Software Developer

Smita Patil is working as a Workload Automation Software Developer. She joined HCL in June 2021, Bangalore Location. She did MTech in computer science. She likes to work and explore new technologies and keep herself updated.


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