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Migrating legacy systems to the cloud is a crucial step for the success of businesses. Cloud-native technology has transformed the way businesses store their data. The benefits of migrating IT systems to the cloud include agility, speed and better control of SLAs. HCLSoftware’s cloud-native technology supports businesses wanting to shift their legacy systems to a cloud platform through hyper-automation models.

Embracing Hyper-automation

Automation has advanced from merely simplifying tasks to streamlining complete processes. Businesses are realizing the need for a comprehensive solution that helps orchestrate various IT and business processes; giving rise to the concept of “hyper automation,” which emphasizes that all automatable tasks can and should be automated.

HCL Universal Orchestrator

The HCL Universal Orchestrator, a cloud-native process hyper-automation tool, empowers businesses to streamline their workflow and productivity. Our hybrid approach provides businesses with the opportunity to orchestrate and automate everything, whether on-premise or in the cloud.

Key features:

End-To-End Workflow Management

The HCL Universal Orchestrator performs real-time orchestration through plugins or connectors. With 100+ plugins published in the HCL Automation Hub, our customers can download them to seamlessly orchestrate the workload across multiple domains, ERP solutions and integrators such as SAP, Oracle, Big Data, Cloud systems and RPAs. These plugins simplify the process of designing and managing end-to-end workflows across different applications and solutions.

Francesca Curzi, AVP at HCLSoftware, emphasizes HCL Universal Orchestrator’s pivotal role in delivering real-time data processing. “When we show this to customers with the real-time processing, they always say that's what I was looking for,” she said.

The HCL Universal Orchestrator further assists in coordination among teams, systems and virtual assistants such as chatbots and RPA bots by connecting these processes seamlessly across various IT environments, be it on-premise, in a distributed cloud, in the mainframe or in the cloud, offering businesses to choose the right cloud platform based on their orchestration needs.

Democratization of Automation

In the past, businesses had to deploy an army of individuals to monitor and handle requests received from different lines of business and implement the orchestration and workflow automation processes. But with the help of NLP, predictive analysis, proactive notifications and AI-driven optimization, we can optimize the control of the process, leading to cost savings at both operational and TCO levels.

The HCL Universal Orchestrator platform operates on a micro-services model and has active configuration features that result in rapid orchestration and efficient digital and cloud transformation, a capability that is in huge demand. We currently support a large number of customers across the globe with the adoption and implementation of our cloud-native technology.

Business Process Mapping

The HCL Universal Orchestrator not only focuses on business process mapping but also links business processes with data orchestration and cloud-process tasks that need to be activated and correlated in a highly agile manner across various systems. There is a high demand for integrating and orchestrating processes both at an IT level, on-premise, in a distributed cloud, in the mainframe (the central data hub) or in the cloud. This flexibility helps businesses select the cloud platform that best fits their implementation or connectivity needs from an orchestration standpoint.

Customize Dashboards with HCL Workload Automation

With this technology, we empower HR and procurement teams to leverage our HCL Workload Automation solution to define, monitor and even report on their SLA processes. Our chatbot self-service features allow businesses to customize their dashboards to tailor to different user profiles, enabling different lines of business to manage orchestration. Our enterprise service orchestration and automation platform can also be utilized as a service to efficiently implement end-to-end workflows needed for specific business operations.

Low-Code Solution

In the context of the evolution of overall technology, we continue to embed more and more AI capabilities for various industries. These capabilities include predefined catalogs, or simple interactive methods that can be used to define, orchestrate and monitor their operations. Our unique chatbot, Clara, can be integrated with collaborative tools like Slack and others. With Clara, users can communicate their requirements and specify workflow changes without prior knowledge of the technology and monitor and troubleshoot by leveraging our AI capabilities.

This exclusive feature is only available with HCLSoftware and it plays a crucial role in democratizing our services, even for teams with limited knowledge of the product. This aligns perfectly with our low-code approach, prioritizing the user experience and minimizing onboarding time.

Multi-Cloud Infrastructure

Our multi-cloud infrastructure is flexible. It caters to various requirements and can be implemented and aligned with your internal strategy, while offering room for potential changes. The versatile HCL Universal Orchestrator works on-premises, in the cloud or even as a dedicated SaaS solution. It is fully compatible and can be hosted on GCP, AWS, Azure or on-premise servers. It only requires the export of data and does not disrupt your business operations. This sets us apart from other players in the market.

Our technology is available on the AWS marketplace with a PSU Go model subscription that allows businesses to leverage the partnership and utilize our services within their existing cloud contract without any restrictions.

Make the Transition With HCL Universal Orchestrator

At HCLSoftware, we are dedicated to delivering solutions tailored to customers’ specific needs with the help of AI-based virtual reality and augmented reality capabilities. One of our key differentiators is our TV Rex solution, which can be integrated into our workload automation solution, opening the door for businesses that want to explore the potential of VR for their businesses.

The HCL Universal Orchestrator is a game changer for businesses seeking an active deployment model. HCLSoftware has always been responsive to customer demands, especially when it comes to real-time processing. Our platform offers a remarkable 146% improvement in run time and our event-driven real-time services bring significant value to our customers. From a deployment standpoint, our customers have leveraged and benefited from the various containerization benefits that our cloud-native platform provides. Our innovative solutions meet the needs of all businesses, helping them accelerate their cloud and digital transformation journeys. Schedule a demo today to learn more about HCL Universal Orchestrator.

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