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SAP is the backbone of thousands of companies worldwide: its end-to-end suite of applications and services enables business and public customers across 25 industries globally to operate.

Enterprise resource planning is one of the strongest areas covered by SAP to take all the core processes needed to run a company – finance, HR, manufacturing, supply chain – and integrate them into a single system.

Companies though are complex ecosystems that need to interconnect IT and business processes, while reducing their need for human intervention.

Automation is key to achieve governance, boost agility and enable a true digital transformation process, impacting all the business units.

Customers then need to automate beyond SAP processes, including them in the bigger automation picture.
HCL Workload Automation is a critical component of the digital modern enterprise that ensure business availability and resiliency.

With HCL Workload Automation customers orchestrate, initiate, run and manage digital business processes from legacy to cloud & kubernetes systems.

HCL Workload Automation is SAP S/4 Hana certified and it is also available on the SAP Store.

SAP is #1 use case for Workload Automation, being deployed by 40% of our clients.
We also learned by experience that 90% of SAP customers use also other business applications which are critical to their business and they need a seamless interaction between these applications landscape

What do customers achieve?Customers use HCL Workload Automation and SAP together to:

  • CONSOLIDATE: Digital Transformation goes beyond SAP-related processes, impacting different areas.
    It is key to consolidate heterogeneous flows from a single point of control.
  • CONNECT: Modeling of business-critical processes implies that flows need to interact to create more complex workflows that need advanced automation capabilities.
  • CONTROL: Centrally monitoring workflows means being in control at any moment on business-critical processes


HCL Workload Automation and SAP

HCL Workload Automation and SAP

Customers can then:


  • Reduce errors by automating SAP processes taking advantage of HCL Automation capabilities
  • Create dependencies among different flows to simplify complexity
  • Ensure SLAs compliance


  • One-stop automation: model, monitor and control all the business-critical processes from a single point of access with an intuitive UI
  • Automate more and better: use 70+ integrations from the Automation Hub to connect your IT & business processes


  • Pay one platform: instead of paying for several different tools, pay just for one and automate all the processes to ensure business continuity and technical resiliency
  • Download the integrations on the Automation Hub for free and automate IT, Cloud, ERP, RPA processes and beyond

​Get ready to automate your SAP processes with HCL Workload Automation: download the SAP Innovation Awards 2021 pitch deck here.


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