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We, the Workload Automation family, love to take care of every detail. Indeed, we strongly believe that to deliver a good quality product we need to increase our knowledge every day more by discovering and studying new technologies.

But the technical part is not the only important thing, we take care of the whole product, which means presentations, blogs, videos, documentation, client advocacy, design thinking, skill transfer, etc.

To achieve these goals, effective collaboration and knowledge sharing are at the core. Thus, we arrange a lot of knowledge sharing programs, such as “WA Talks” and “Lunch&Learn”.

WA Talks
events are technical sessions about the Workload Scheduler and newly adopted technologies, such as Kubernetes, Docker, and Public Clouds. The presenters are technicians that love programming and sharing their knowledge and new discoveries.

Lunch&Learn programs, this year in virtual mode, are training events during the lunch break that give the opportunity to share skills and expertise among co-workers from different teams. Anyone can present and choose any topic, either technical or not, that he/she thinks is valuable to be shared with the other colleagues.

For example, one of the last presentations at the Lunch&Learn has been “WOW blogs, posts and presentations”, in which useful and practical suggestions have been given about how to write effective, correct, and coherent blogs, posts and presentations.

If you are curious you can find the complete presentation here:

wow blog and presentations

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As commonly known, technicians are not good at creating attractive and effective PowerPoint presentations (just joking), but thanks to this Lunch&Learn they learnt a lot and created extraordinary PowerPoint presentations.

You can find the amazing presentation created following the precious suggestions given during the Lunch&Learn here:


WA talks

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That is only one of many cases that we learn something, and immediately we put it into practice to improve our product as much as possible.


Learning is really important for us, and improving our product is even more. For this reason, we care about these learning programs that enable us to always stay focused, support our customers, do skill transfer, do design thinking, deliver a good product, and make our customers happier and happier (or at least we hope so).

Knowledge is the power that we share among us and that we love sharing also with you all.


Author’s Bio


Agnese Berellini, Information Developer

Agnese is an enthusiastic information developer for HCL Workload Automation in Rome, Italy. She likes to analyze new features, describe them and improve her knowledge about technical components. When she doesn’t have to deal with developers and software, she loves spending her time travelling around the world.

LinkedIn –


BenedettaBenedetta Guidi, UX/UI Designer

Benedetta is the UX/UI Designer for HCL Technologies applying Agile and Design Thinking methodologies. She is working in the Workload Automation area, on web interface component of the product and she is leading the design for both on-premises and Cloud solutions of the product.

LinkedIn –



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