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HCL DevOps and HCL Workload Automation Join Forces at SAP ALM Summit
HCLSoftware is pleased to be a Silver Sponsor at the SAP ALM Summit APJ taking place July 25- 27 at the SAP Labs in Bengaluru, India. With our sponsorship, attendees will learn more about our HCL DevOps and HCL Workload Automation products that boost your SAP landscape.

Are you familiar with our products to support your go-to-market opportunities?

Let’s take a brief look.

HCL Workload Automation + SAP = Better Together
HCL Workload Automation integration for SAP allows SAP users to utilize their familiar software environment to improve service delivery and simplify monitoring and managing cross-enterprise jobs. Our platform acts as a meta-orchestrator for continuous automation, leveraging containerization and an intuitive user interface, while offering the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) on the market. Make the most out of your ERP processes thanks to our SAP integrations and plugins: automate more and automate better!

HCL DevOps + SAP = Teamwork
An investment with HCL Software DevOps doesn’t mean you have to replace the tools and platforms your team knows and loves – instead, we help you maximize and leverage the tools you already have, like SAP, Jira, Jenkins, Git and Kubernetes. By working with our products such as Accelerate, OneTest and Launch, you’ll receive multi cloud-based application deployment and release orchestration, integration with any CI/CD tools, value stream management and insights into enterprise DevOps practices and blue-green deployment strategy with Near Zero Down Time (NZDT).

Spark an interest in our software? Let’s chat at the event!

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