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In the fast-paced world of business, resolving issues promptly and efficiently is crucial for the success of business-critical processes. Cooperation and effective problem-solving are essential in such scenarios.

HWA is a powerful tool that automates backend processes across various industries. It particularly excels in industries that deal with complex and highly regulated processes, including banking, insurance, manufacturing, automative and more.

With HWA, a wide range of business scenarios can be effectively handled. It acts as an orchestration solution, enabling the setup of individual jobs and their integration into corresponding job chains or “job streams.” These jobs and job streams can run on specific schedules and are automated, ensuring efficiency and accuracy.

In today’s world, without workload automation, organizations would struggle to survive. HWA is crucial in preparing businesses for the Digital+ economy, an era characterized by hyperconnected digitization. By leveraging HWA, organizations can stay ahead and thrive in this new digital landscape.

But what happens when problems arise, or if job streams take too long, are interrupted or even canceled? Let’s take a look at how HWA can help.

HWA provides extensive, customizable and clear dashboards for this purpose. The cause can be found quickly using appropriate drill-down options and initiating remedial measures..
However, we are moving here in the two-dimensional world. The operator is usually on his own and collaborating with colleagues is also difficult via screenshare.

HWA offers an additional component for this problem: HCL T-VREX (“Troubleshooting Virtual Room Experience”).

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By using VR glasses and controlling with a joystick, the operator can literally immerse himself in a “3D WAR Room.” Significantly more graphics and KPIs are displayed in this virtual space than it is possible on one or more monitors in the two-dimensional world. The status of jobs and job streams becomes more vivid. The cause of the original problem can be found, analyzed and eliminated quickly across several levels (“drill down”).

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HCL T-VREX offers advantages for the individual operator. Due to the possibility of bringing in colleagues, several operators can move in the same virtual space and communicate with each other (operators are visible to the others as an “avatar”). This enables real teamwork — also and especially when you are at different locations.

This optimally combines the experience of the various operators in finding solutions. Numerous ways of finding the cause can be taken at the same time. The problem will be found much faster and the appropriate solution will be coordinated together.

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As a result, the business-critical processes and procedures are “up and running” again. The result is less downtime and the automated business processes continue to help optimize business goals.

HCL T-VREX as a component is part of the “HCL Automation Power Suite”
This suite not only includes the core solution HWA for the orchestration of business processes.
It also includes access to the “Automation Hub” (numerous integrations for the automation of various 3rd party solutions). In addition to HCL T-VREX, other components for intelligent operation are also offered:

  • CLARA à “Intelligent, Virtual Assistant”
    (Chatbot. Mainly for answering questions & starting and monitoring individual jobs by pure business users.)
  • AIDA à “AI Data Advisor”
    (Using AI for historical data analysis. By detecting workload execution anomalies, potential problems are identified early.)
  • HERO à “HEalthcheck & Runbook Optimization”
    (By leveraging Machine Learning and BigData, HERO helps admins optimize HWA infrastructure, monitor servers, and run runbooks.)

Main advantages of HWA:

HWA automates and orchestrates workload anywhere via a centralized End-to-End control across various systems: Distributed, Mainframe, Cloud, Hybrid & Containers. At the same time, it can be operated on any system: On-Premise, Kubernetes & Cloud.

If you have any questions about HCL T-VREX, HWA or the other components, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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