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We are thrilled to announce the release of HCL Universal Orchestrator (HCL UnO) version 1.1.2, which includes exciting new features designed for a more streamlined and robust automation experience. Let's dive into the key enhancements:


Effortless Agent Management and Updates:

  • HCL UnO Agent: Introducing the all-new HCL UnO Agent, built for unparalleled reliability and seamless updates. This innovative agent boasts:
    • Automated Plug-in Management: Enjoy continuous system optimization with automatic plug-in updates. The agent retrieves the latest versions using scripts, ensuring your system leverages the most up-to-date functionalities without any downtime.
    • Effortless Agent Updates: HCL UnO Agent guarantees smooth transitions during updates, eliminating disruptions to your workflows.

Enhanced Workflow Automation with Internal Events:

  • Internal Events: Take automation to the next level with internal event monitoring. This feature automatically tracks changes in the status of various scheduling items, triggering specific job streams when predefined conditions are met. This translates to:
    • Reduced Manual Intervention: The automated monitoring and triggering significantly reduce the need for manual oversight, boosting overall efficiency.
    • Increased Reliability: Job streams are triggered based on pre-defined conditions, minimizing errors and enhancing workflow reliability.
    • Cost Savings: By minimizing reliance on external sources, internal events help conserve resources and operational costs.

Flexibility and Choice with Multiple Data Formats:

  • JSON & YAML Support: HCL UnO 1.1.2 expands its horizons with support for JSON and YAML data formats. This provides you with greater flexibility when integrating with various services and platforms. You can choose the format that best aligns with your specific use case and existing preferences. This broader compatibility streamlines the integration process and eliminates potential friction points.

Uninterrupted Workflows with Recovery Options:

  • Recovery Options: HCL UnO 1.1.2 introduces innovative recovery options to empower you to swiftly overcome unforeseen challenges and maintain uninterrupted workflows. These options include:
    • Rerunning Jobs: Address issues associated with a parent job by rerunning the same job or a different one. This unparalleled flexibility minimizes downtime and allows you to quickly resolve problems.
    • Swift Issue Resolution: The recovery options enable you to move forward swiftly after disruptions, ensuring seamless and efficient job execution.

Explore the Power of HCL UnO 1.1.2:

This blog post provides a glimpse into the transformative capabilities of our hyperautomation enabler,  HCL UnO 1.1.2. We encourage you to explore the official documentation for a comprehensive overview of all the new features and enhancements


With HCL UnO 1.1.2, experience automation at its finest – efficient, reliable, and empowering!


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